365 photo challenge

I got this idea from my Aunt Amie in AZ, I think earlier this year or last year some time. She (and some of her family) participated in a challenge, taking a picture everyday - for 365 days - a whole year. Well as far as I know, none of them finished all 365 days... I mean, come one, that's quite a challenge. But...I think I'm up for it. I'll be snapping pictures all the time anyways.

So here is my vow: Starting January 1, 2011 I will be starting my 365 day - photo challenge. Taking a picture of "something" and posting about it every day for a whole year. (Phew! Sounds difficult...) Whether I'm taking a "semi-pro" photo with my Rebel, a simple snap shot with my point-n-shoot, or a quick pic with my cell phone camera, I will do it!

I discover new things each day, I meet incredible people and I find beauty anywhere I can. I just KNOW there is something worth snapping every single day.

My new year's resolution. Starting this blog and starting my photo challenge.

Wish me luck - and keep coming back to see my latest shots!


  1. Sounds fun! And so fun to have a new camera...enjoy!!..so awesome!!! I got a camera upgrade from Santa this year too...maybe that means I will actually post on my photography blog :-) Love seeing pics of those cute twins!

  2. Red you are correct! I only lasted 15 days! Thats worse than my last diet! I will be checking, maybe I am up for the callenge keep an eye out on Facebook or my blog!

    Love you!