Today is officially marks 1 month of photos. Thank you January!!

However, I wish I could say I had something more exciting to post to mark this momentous occasion. But alas, I don't. Joe and were both home relaxing today. (He was sick over-night and I had a yucky medicinal test done that left me feeling awful.) We didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything. Well, thats not completely true...we stopped off at our favorite restaurant, Moki's, on our way home from my doctors office. We ordered our usual and the owner gave us some free soda to go with our meals! I got an apricot drink and Joe got strawberry Fanta! (It always makes me think of their silly commercial songs. Do you wanna Fanta, fanta?)

#31 - closing my first month of this challenge. Joe's Fanta, fanta!



I held a meeting in my salon tonight. Unfortunately I have to organized at least 1 a month. (Sometimes 2, depending on subject matter.) Anyway, I always make them as short and sweet as possible. I've been so lucky with my stylists; they never complain, even when they have to come in on their day off. But my favorite part of the meeting is the socializing. We're so busy during working hours and some of us hardly work together. Its just great to sit down and hear about each others personal lives, spouses, boyfriends, kids and families. We all get along so well, there is never awkward silence or hurt feelings. Just good ol' fashion girl talk!

Surprisingly [as a manager] THAT is what I love about our meetings. Not the lessons we're supposed to learn, the duties we need to step-up on or the projects we need to prepare for. The GIRL TALK!

So here is my #30 - my "Round Table." A moment where we're all equal and respectful to each others thoughts, ideas, opinions and personalities. Too bad we only get together as a whole, once a month. We need more time to visit...instead of work, work and more work.



After yet ANOTHER busy day at work, Joe decided to treat me to a date night! We rarely take the time for them anymore...but we're realizing we won't always have the free time available and now is the time to take advantage. Joe desperately wanted to see the movie "The Mechanic," for his movie blog, but he couldn't get 'his crowd' to join him...and I was less enthused to see it. He sacrificed and took me to "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth instead. And it was AWESOME!

I'm not up-to-date on my England, pre-WWII history, so I'm not sure of the accuracy but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Colin Firth was amazing and Geoffery Rush was a DELIGHT! His character was actually my favorite and I really enjoyed the personality. I wish they had enveloped more of his characters story (they touched on it so briefly) but then again, the movie is based on King George VI, not his speech therapist.

Before the movie, Joe took me to the Santa Monica pizza & pasta company. We were originally going out for sushi, but smelt the Italian yumminess as soon as we exited the car. Our noses made up our minds! We haven't been to this strip mall in quite sometime and once seated at the pizza place, we found out we were participating in their "soft opening." They opened their doors for the first time...YESTERDAY! It was a little unorganized and chaotic, but the food was fantastic and our server made light of the situation.

Then, it was off to our movie - my #29

Then as an added bonus, after the movie was over Joe drove straight to Leatherby's! An old favorite of ours - excellent ice cream & sundae treats. We shared a bowl of 5 ice cream scoops (2 our choice, 3 their choice...we ended up with a semi-interesting combination!!)

It was a fantastic evening and I'm so glad we took time out for each other. Its been a rough week and we needed this night. Thank you Joe!!!! I love you. 

**And PS for any of his readers, stay tuned for his review of The King's Speech.



Oh my gosh it was crazy busy at work today!!! Sometimes thats a good thing, because I make good money...but other times is just so chaotic, I end up stressing out. Which, of course, I did today! I was stressed to the MAX! At one point I was doing 3 colors at once and some how fit in a haircut and then towards the end of the evening I was doing a perm and a color at the same time! Some time in this crazy day, I dropped bleach on my pant leg!!!!!!! Of course I didn't catch it in time. In fact I didn't even notice until everyone had left and I was closing up shop. I wiped it off with a wet rag, but there was no saving my pants. Well...at least I made enough money today to go buy a pair of new ones.

Ugh I love being busy, but when I'm frazzled, the money doesn't make it worth it. Tomorrow is going to be the same. I even have to go in 2 hours early to help customers I didn't have time for today. Oy vay!

#28 - my ruined pants!!!



I had a great night AND it ended with Ice Cream!! (Thanks to Joe and his constant indecision, we have many to choose from. Some not even pictured. Haha) I had my friend Elizabeth over....her husband came over later to play games with Joe.  Then we all had dinner together, shared some ice cream and had many, many laughs. And some at my expense!

Yummy #27 - The Grasshopper was really, really good!!



No explanation necessary. This has been on my mind ALL day.

#26 ... ..



I was INCREDIBLY lazy today! I'm seriously in disbelief that the day has come to an end and I have little to show for it. Well...I did start and complete laundry, I woke up early and babysat my nieces while my sister & hubby went to the doctor, and I watched 4 - yes 4 - chick flicks today!! I've been a little emotional this week, thanks to a new medication, and I knew a few perfect love stories would be just the ticket.

I cried through 2 of them...the others I got a good laugh out of. But it was a really nice, casual day ALL to myself. Which happens at least once a month. Ahh...it was fabulous.

#25 - The 4 chick flicks I watched...some of my all time favorites!

The Proposal, Sweet Home Alabama, 27 Dresses and Just Like Heaven



What a gorgeous day today was. The temperatures we so nice - I was out all day without a coat or jacket. Plus the skies were blue and the sun was bright! Made me wonder if Spring is on the way...but then I remember that its Utah and we're still in January. This is mother nature just playing a trick on us. Happens every year. I'm pretty sure come February, winter will make a slight comeback before Spring actually gets here.

But as I was driving home from a fun filled day with my friend Elizabeth, I noticed as the sun was setting the colors & clouds in the sky were just gorgeous! I dropped Elizabeth off and on my way home, pulled over and took a few pictures.

Here is my #24 - the gorgeous sky this evening about 5pm. Just beautiful



Ew I was so upset. I had a dinner this evening with all the managers from my work and I brought my camera to capture my 23rd picture...only to find that my camera's memory card was NOT in my camera and therefore I couldn't take any pictures!! Well at least I always have my cell phone...I seem to be taking more pictures with my cell phone than my actual camera. I do love my camera, but the the bulkiness just isn't convenient. I need to just take it with me everywhere despite the disadvantage...oh well, I'll learn.

We had a wonderful party nonetheless. It was 'Italian' themed. Italy food, colors and flags all about. Italian food is my favorite. There was yummy manicotti (sp?), pizza, breadsticks, salad (made by me) and a delicious trifle for dessert.

There were a few games to break the ice and entertain the large group. The one game we played, called "Telestration" was a huge hit! I must purchase that game - my family would LOVE it!

What a great evening - thank you Shari & Mary Ellen. Yummy food, fun games and great company.

My #23, the lovely centerpieces made by Shari's husband Paul. Giant marshmallows with Italian flags! Haha, good times.



What a great day for old friends to get together. One of Joe's greatest friends Geoff stopped over this evening. For whatever reason we haven't had a "get together" for quite sometime. I personally haven't seen Geoff since summer. Anyway, he came over and joined Joe for dinner & the Jazz game. Then when I got off work we played Comedy Scene-It and watched SNL re-runs I had saved on the DVR. (Anyone see the impersonation "auditions" for Back to the Future? Bill Hader's "Alan Alda" is FANTASTIC!)

We had some good laughs and we're still going!! Thanks for coming over Geoff!

#22 Friends for life



Today is my Dad & Nancy's 16th wedding anniversary! I'm so happy they found each other and have created such an amazing family support system.  They are great examples for each of their kids and have always gone out of the way to help each of us. I don't know where I would be without them.

I love you guys so much and have a wonderful anniversary!!! We are so lucky Nancy, Robyn, Brittany and Jessica joined our lives those many years ago. What a great family we have and each day I feel blessed.

So for my #21, a congratulatory heart message to my incredible parents. We HEART you both!!!



How many tubes of lip gloss & chapstick does one girl need? Apparently 21! That's right 21!!!

I have a basket on my dressers that holds most of the tubes, for easy access and organization. Plus I keep a few in my purse to have with me at all times. Funny though, I never knew I had so many!! And it turns out some haven't even been used yet.

My sister Kalie has an extreme chapstick fetish..she's more hardcore than I...little OCD on her part! :)  My obsession is not only for the moisture, but for the shine & glossy look. I'm a girlie-girl for sure and I need my gloss!!

Here are my 21 tubes of girliness for my #20 (Like the variety?)



Joe has been bugging me for months to upgrade our flat screen TV. I think the idea is completely RIDICULOUS because we already have a nice sized TV. Its been a disagreement we just can't get rid of...and even after the joking and sarcasm it is still a quarrel.  Men and their electronics...I guess I'll never understand.

Well after going back and forth about sizes and compromises, we went to RCWilley this evening and sure enough the exact model he wants was part of an "Inventory Clearance" special which made it $500 cheaper than sticker prize....just my luck. We had a budget set out for it and the clearance price was barely over it. After much convincing from the sales guy & Joe (plus the sales guy even took off an additional $99) I gave in and we bought 73 inches of Mitsubishi wonderment.

All night tonight we've been rearranging furniture, vacuuming, dusting and rewiring. I think we've just about got it set up for the time being. IT TAKES UP AN ENTIRE WALL!! Oy vay. Our entertainment center just isn't made for a TV that size, so we're in the market for a TV stand/unit and some shelves for DVD's. Great yet more money to spend...

I have to remember Joe is over the moon excited, we barely spent more than we planned and the quarrel has come to an end. Its all happy right? Plus we'll be swapping our old TV with my sister Kalie so we can put their TV in our bedrroom. So basically....a new TV for our family room, semi new for the bedroom and Kalie gets a bigger semi new TV for her family room. Everyone wins right? Maybe not my bank account though...

#19 - Joe's pride and joy! 



I made a resolution to read more last year (2010). I didn't keep up on it like I should have. I did read "more" than usual, but not as much as I would have liked.  Joe started purchasing "The Bridal Quartet" series by Nora Roberts, Christmas 2009. Well all 4 of the books are out now and have been purchased but they are just sitting on my night stand. I haven't even opened one. Sorry Joe! 

As of today, I'm vowing to finish the 4 books. Starting today! Thanks for the 1) Christmas, 2) Birthday, 3) Anniversary and 4) "Just Because" gifts sweetie...I promise I'll read them!

#18...books covered in dust no more!



We had Hale Centre Theater tonight! My parents have season tickets to this playhouse and have so generously invited a few of us to join them for each play. My younger sister Andee is usually my date, but she had to work late this evening and Joe wasn't home from work in time, so the next best thing is my good friend Elizabeth! I asked her to be my date and she gladly accepted.

The play was "Born Yesterday," and I seriously was confused most of the time. The play is very political, which is intelligence I lack. Anyway, seeing it with my family and my bestie made it enjoyable!

Thanks for hanging with me Lizbit! I know you "ditched" me earlier today... :) ... but you made up for it! You're the best date ever! Love ya!!

My (2) #17's - the play and my date!



Ooooh! I'm so excited! Tonight is the GOLDEN GLOBES! I'm a sucker for these awards shows. Golden Globes and Oscars are my favorite! GG's are usually a precursor to the Oscars and always fun to watch - especially because my favorite comedian, Ricky Gervais, is hosting!! :)

Most of my friends know that my family gets together every year, for the Oscars and we have our own little Oscar party. We print out ballots and choose our winners, then there is a prize [the coveted Golden "Oscar" statue] given to the one with the highest amount of correct answers. (By the way, I started this tradition about like 6 years ago...and I have yet to win.) Anyway, since I usually watch the Golden Globes just to help ensure my answers for the Oscars, I decided to print out GG ballots and give it a go!

Its gonna be a good time and we're excited Andee & Kelly (my sis & brother in law/roommates) are coming downstairs to share in the excitement with Joe & I. The Blacks & The Hellstroms (aka The Blackstroms) are ordering chinese take out, having a fire and watching the Globes!

#16 - Andee filling out her ballot.

Thanks for being my model Andee!!



This is getting hard...and its only day 15. What am I going to do?? I'm running out of ideas. I'm literally going to have to take a random picture that doesn't mean anything everyday...hence tonights photo. Its a tree in my front yard, but since its SO dark, I knew my flash would brighten it up and look cool. 

So...yeah...random #15



I came home to dinner on the table!!! I had to work late again and Joe warmed me up some yummy instant pasta mix. Being "instant" it was easy for him; he warmed it up during the breaks of his X-box game-marathon. LOL. Oh well, at least he thought of me and knew I hadn't eaten!  Plus he bought some more Snapple iced tea which is my GOT TO HAVE drink. All of which he did for me [might I add] because he dropped the news that he spent $$ on a new Call of Duty game. Which is funny because I would never have known. I've been home for almost 2 hours and I didn't even notice he's playing a new game. He could have gotten away with not telling me because I don't pay attention to his silly X-box games,! But I'm lucky enough to have a truthful husband!!

Thanks for coming clean babe - and you're forgiven, because dinner (and the ice cream) were AWESOME!

#14 - Dinner



Today was kind of a hard day. Nothing "picture" worthy happened when I had a camera handy. Plus I worked the majority of today...

Well I came out from work to a thin layer of snow on my car. I had to scrape a little; the temperatures are so low that thin layer was already turning into ice. Anyway, I thought I'd write a message on the hood of my car, but it took me a minute to decide what to write. I thought of something lovey-dovey like Erica [heart] Joe, or Joe + Erica. Or the silly " Hi Mom!" But after a few moments of thought, this message came to me clearly. I don't know when or where it started, but every Thursday I get a call, text, facebook message or verbal message from Joe, saying "Happy Thursday!" Like I said I don't know where it started or why he just chooses Thursday above ALL days, but sure enough EVERY Thursday I get something or I've now started sending/saying it to him as well. (Also with my "snow message" are pictures of his facebook status and a text I sent today just to prove it!)

My (4) #13's is an ode to Joe. Happy Thursday!

On my hood tonight

Text messages earlier today

His facebook status last Thursday. And below is his status for today!

Well, Happy Thursday everyone!!



It was kind of a gloomy day today. Utah has been surrounded by this yucky cloud of pollution for a week or so. There was a small snow storm earlier this week and it cleared the air a bit; you can actually see the sky now!  I hear another BIG snow storm is headed our way this weekend. I guess one good thing about the storm coming is CLEAN AIR!

Anyway, coming out of work, I noticed the blue colors in the sky and I just had to take a picture of the mountains. They are one of the many things I love about Utah. Just gorgeous!



Okay, in trying to get a cute picture of my dogs, who were sitting on my lap as I facebooked, I got caught up in the middle of a dog fight. Joe and I refer to this as "bite face." Its their way of "playing" together, yet getting out their frustration with each other at the same time. We've just learned to let them play and not bother them!! But I got a few great pictures of them in "action" and I just have to post all of them!

So enjoy my "collage" of 7 pictures for #11

All lovey-dovey before the action

This was the kiss that started it all!

They usually only play for seconds, but I had a good time trying to catch different shots and angles. My dogs aren't vicious by all means; even if you get caught in the action & get nipped it doesn't hurt. I just think its funny how aggressive they can be with each other. Oh boys!



I went for "artistic" today. This is my water glass at dinner.
Wasn't too exciting...but I was having fun snapping certain things trying to find an artsy view. This one was my favorite!

#10 - my glass of water.



Its been a chaotic weekend. I hate the weekends I work Sundays.  Only 1 a month, but I swear we end up booked every single night of the weekend, so I feel like I don't get to relax at all. Case and point this weekend! I was lucky to take any pictures!!! Today, when I got off work, I headed upstairs to try and get a picture of the twins before bedtime. They were pretty fascinated with my camera, so I set it down in front of them so they could touch it and play with the strap. I kept pushing exposure button hoping to get some silly pictures...and boy I did! This one was the best.

Say hello to Ella, who's looking straight into the camera. My #9



We had a birthday dinner for my nephew Jesse, who turned 5 on December 29th. We finally got the family together down in Provo at the Pirate Island restaurant. I was less than thrilled about the place or the food, but for a 5 year old, it was AMESOME and thats what mattered.

Most who know this kid, know he WON'T smile for a camera to save his life. We're lucky if he even looks at the camera. Well tonight as I was snapping photos, I kept asking him to 'smile big.'  This is what I got...

My #8

Happy Birthday Jesse!



This picture, although cute, is a great annoyance. Simon learned to play fetch over the summer. It was the coolest trick when it first happened...not anymore. Anytime I sit or stay in one place, he'll find that special green ball and expect you to play with him. It happens throughout the day, but mostly when I'm getting ready for work. We have a routine. I get in the shower and he waits patiently on the bathroom rug (with the ball right next to him). Then as I put my contacts in, brush my teeth and lotion up, he EXPECTS me to "kick" the ball (since my hands are usually full) over and over again. We do this about 15 times. Then I head to my 2nd bedroom where my vanity is, to style my hair. The entire 20 minutes I'm sitting in there, he keeps bringing that ball back. Over and over and over and over and over again.

Like I said, cute, yes. But VERY annoying. If I don't kick it, he whines, runs up and shoves the ball [with his nose] into my foot or he barks at me. Heaven forbid I ignore this puppy while I'M TRYING TO GET READY!!!!!

Here are 2 #7's - Simon and that blasted green ball!
(I had to post 2 pictures, because 1 is of him waiting for me to kick it. The other is him lying down, annoyed that I'm taking a picture and not kicking the ball.)

               You like how his eyes never leave the ball?



I love my job. I really do.

The last few days have been crazy busy, but I always end the day feeling accomplished and proud of each look I create. Whether it was the clients idea, my idea, a collaboration of opinions or refreshing someone else's masterpiece; its an incredible feeling. Especially when the client walks out with their head a little higher. I always say, I don't create the beauty, I enhance it.

Thanks Misti for letting me snap this photo for my #6.
(In real life her color is violet. The flash snapped it looking more blue. But it doesn't really matter because it was actually blue before we colored it violet!)



I'm a little upset about posting a self-portrait...I really wanted to avoid this all 365 days. Wow, its only day 5 and I caved. Well anyway, I was super stoked to find out my natural curl is making a comeback!!!

I got out of the shower and shook my hair dry like normal; about 15 mins later I went to style my hair and noticed I had CURL! Oh my heck its been FOREVER since I've had curly hair. Being a hairstylist, I've noticed hair usually gets curlier the shorter it is. (Most common anyway) Well NOT in my case. My hair has been short for so long and I haven't had ANY curl. Welp, now that I'm growing it out, my curl is coming back!! YAY! It took my 5 minutes to do my hair today. How I missed that! Plus its all my natural color now - I've grown all the chemicals!! BIG DEAL!!(As a hair pro, I thought I'd never say that again.)

Oh AND I can get it in a ponytail! (A small one, but a ponytail nonetheless!)





Game night!!

We played our Christmas present game, called Comedy Movie Scene-It. As most of you know, Scene-It is our favorite game. We've played many versions...we own the original movie one & the 2nd edition, then we have Seinfeld, Friends, Marvel, Star Trek, 80's, Music, TV, Twilight, Harry Potter...etc. Yeah, like I said, its our favorite. We love it when a new version comes out and we actually go 2 sets of the Comedy one for Christmas!!

Anyway, it looked like Joe was going to beat me. He made it half way around the board before I even moved off the "start" space. However, I made a comeback, passed him up and WON!! I'll have to let him win next time! ;)

So here is #4 - GAME NIGHT!!



What a great day this afternoon turned out to be. The sun was out, was still cold, but there wasn't any wind or clouds in the sky. Nice! I was off work today and while I was out and about I thought of taking a picture of the sun cascading down on the snow...but its been a few day since it snowed, so its been walked on, peed on (by dogs), shoveled, scraped and its just not so pretty anymore. Oh well, there is always these really cool icicles at my house!!! I had to maneuver my self quite a bit to get this shot, but I love the sunset in the background. I thought it looked awesome. Dangerous...but awesome. Luckily these don't hang over a walk way... ;) Eek!

So here is picture #3 - the cool looking icicles coming off my roof.



Today has been the best. day. ever. The holidays were hectic and filled with visiting family, games, unfortunately me getting sick put a damper on things, and I had to work a lot of the time. Well today, since New Year's is officially over and I didn't have to work today, Joe and I did exactly what we've wanted to do for weeks. NOTHING! Here it is 5pm and we're still in our pajamas!! Haven't showered, haven't left the house - NOTHING!

There was 1 thing we wanted to do today and that was watching the Green Bay - Chicago football game. Its close the playoffs so it was a huge rivalry game. I'm a Packer fan myself, so HATE to see them lose to the Bears. Lucky enough for me - the Green Bay Packers won!!! (and clenched their spot in the playoffs!!!) :)

Anyway, so here is my #2 photo from today. (I took it with my cell phone because I didn't want to get up to grab my camera and ruin the moment.)

This is us cuddling on the couch in our PJ's. Feet up, all relaxed and football on the tube. We literally didn't move from this spot until half-time. What a great day!

It may be a little early to say this, being January 2nd and all - but today was the best day of the year!!!



My #1 - Joe

I feel its only fitting to put MY #1, as my #1 photo in this challenge. Joe means the world to me and this past year we've only grown closer. I literally can't imagine life without him and I'm grateful for all he has done for me and our companionship. We are true best friends and best supporters. He allows me to be "me" and doesn't expect me to apologize for it. Plus, most of you know him and know that he really is unique and a rare gem. I'm lucky enough to call that diamond in the rough, my husband.

Cheers to another great year of life together. I love you Joe!

This is actually being posted at 12:30am on the 2nd...but today was just too busy I couldn't find the time. I know, I know...what a great way to "start" out a challenge.