Oh my gosh it was crazy busy at work today!!! Sometimes thats a good thing, because I make good money...but other times is just so chaotic, I end up stressing out. Which, of course, I did today! I was stressed to the MAX! At one point I was doing 3 colors at once and some how fit in a haircut and then towards the end of the evening I was doing a perm and a color at the same time! Some time in this crazy day, I dropped bleach on my pant leg!!!!!!! Of course I didn't catch it in time. In fact I didn't even notice until everyone had left and I was closing up shop. I wiped it off with a wet rag, but there was no saving my pants. Well...at least I made enough money today to go buy a pair of new ones.

Ugh I love being busy, but when I'm frazzled, the money doesn't make it worth it. Tomorrow is going to be the same. I even have to go in 2 hours early to help customers I didn't have time for today. Oy vay!

#28 - my ruined pants!!!

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