My #1 - Joe

I feel its only fitting to put MY #1, as my #1 photo in this challenge. Joe means the world to me and this past year we've only grown closer. I literally can't imagine life without him and I'm grateful for all he has done for me and our companionship. We are true best friends and best supporters. He allows me to be "me" and doesn't expect me to apologize for it. Plus, most of you know him and know that he really is unique and a rare gem. I'm lucky enough to call that diamond in the rough, my husband.

Cheers to another great year of life together. I love you Joe!

This is actually being posted at 12:30am on the 2nd...but today was just too busy I couldn't find the time. I know, I know...what a great way to "start" out a challenge.

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  1. Lucky for you, the blogs must post on California time - the stamp shows 11:24 pm!! LOL I am looking forward to seeing your journey into photography one day at a time! Good Luck!