Today was kind of a hard day. Nothing "picture" worthy happened when I had a camera handy. Plus I worked the majority of today...

Well I came out from work to a thin layer of snow on my car. I had to scrape a little; the temperatures are so low that thin layer was already turning into ice. Anyway, I thought I'd write a message on the hood of my car, but it took me a minute to decide what to write. I thought of something lovey-dovey like Erica [heart] Joe, or Joe + Erica. Or the silly " Hi Mom!" But after a few moments of thought, this message came to me clearly. I don't know when or where it started, but every Thursday I get a call, text, facebook message or verbal message from Joe, saying "Happy Thursday!" Like I said I don't know where it started or why he just chooses Thursday above ALL days, but sure enough EVERY Thursday I get something or I've now started sending/saying it to him as well. (Also with my "snow message" are pictures of his facebook status and a text I sent today just to prove it!)

My (4) #13's is an ode to Joe. Happy Thursday!

On my hood tonight

Text messages earlier today

His facebook status last Thursday. And below is his status for today!

Well, Happy Thursday everyone!!

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