Its been a chaotic weekend. I hate the weekends I work Sundays.  Only 1 a month, but I swear we end up booked every single night of the weekend, so I feel like I don't get to relax at all. Case and point this weekend! I was lucky to take any pictures!!! Today, when I got off work, I headed upstairs to try and get a picture of the twins before bedtime. They were pretty fascinated with my camera, so I set it down in front of them so they could touch it and play with the strap. I kept pushing exposure button hoping to get some silly pictures...and boy I did! This one was the best.

Say hello to Ella, who's looking straight into the camera. My #9


  1. This is absolutely darling!!!! I love it! Look at them baby blues! I'm glad I have at least one of them out of my 4 kiddo's :D Thanks for sharing this picture, super cute!