Today is officially marks 1 month of photos. Thank you January!!

However, I wish I could say I had something more exciting to post to mark this momentous occasion. But alas, I don't. Joe and were both home relaxing today. (He was sick over-night and I had a yucky medicinal test done that left me feeling awful.) We didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything. Well, thats not completely true...we stopped off at our favorite restaurant, Moki's, on our way home from my doctors office. We ordered our usual and the owner gave us some free soda to go with our meals! I got an apricot drink and Joe got strawberry Fanta! (It always makes me think of their silly commercial songs. Do you wanna Fanta, fanta?)

#31 - closing my first month of this challenge. Joe's Fanta, fanta!

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  1. Do you want a Fanta Fanta!! Loved those commercials! I'm glad you guys were able to relax today and Moki's sounds good. I can't believe how much I've fallen in love with that place!