Joe has been bugging me for months to upgrade our flat screen TV. I think the idea is completely RIDICULOUS because we already have a nice sized TV. Its been a disagreement we just can't get rid of...and even after the joking and sarcasm it is still a quarrel.  Men and their electronics...I guess I'll never understand.

Well after going back and forth about sizes and compromises, we went to RCWilley this evening and sure enough the exact model he wants was part of an "Inventory Clearance" special which made it $500 cheaper than sticker prize....just my luck. We had a budget set out for it and the clearance price was barely over it. After much convincing from the sales guy & Joe (plus the sales guy even took off an additional $99) I gave in and we bought 73 inches of Mitsubishi wonderment.

All night tonight we've been rearranging furniture, vacuuming, dusting and rewiring. I think we've just about got it set up for the time being. IT TAKES UP AN ENTIRE WALL!! Oy vay. Our entertainment center just isn't made for a TV that size, so we're in the market for a TV stand/unit and some shelves for DVD's. Great yet more money to spend...

I have to remember Joe is over the moon excited, we barely spent more than we planned and the quarrel has come to an end. Its all happy right? Plus we'll be swapping our old TV with my sister Kalie so we can put their TV in our bedrroom. So basically....a new TV for our family room, semi new for the bedroom and Kalie gets a bigger semi new TV for her family room. Everyone wins right? Maybe not my bank account though...

#19 - Joe's pride and joy! 


  1. So what I am getting out of this post is "Movie Night" at your place!! LOL