Ew I was so upset. I had a dinner this evening with all the managers from my work and I brought my camera to capture my 23rd picture...only to find that my camera's memory card was NOT in my camera and therefore I couldn't take any pictures!! Well at least I always have my cell phone...I seem to be taking more pictures with my cell phone than my actual camera. I do love my camera, but the the bulkiness just isn't convenient. I need to just take it with me everywhere despite the disadvantage...oh well, I'll learn.

We had a wonderful party nonetheless. It was 'Italian' themed. Italy food, colors and flags all about. Italian food is my favorite. There was yummy manicotti (sp?), pizza, breadsticks, salad (made by me) and a delicious trifle for dessert.

There were a few games to break the ice and entertain the large group. The one game we played, called "Telestration" was a huge hit! I must purchase that game - my family would LOVE it!

What a great evening - thank you Shari & Mary Ellen. Yummy food, fun games and great company.

My #23, the lovely centerpieces made by Shari's husband Paul. Giant marshmallows with Italian flags! Haha, good times.

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