I came home to dinner on the table!!! I had to work late again and Joe warmed me up some yummy instant pasta mix. Being "instant" it was easy for him; he warmed it up during the breaks of his X-box game-marathon. LOL. Oh well, at least he thought of me and knew I hadn't eaten!  Plus he bought some more Snapple iced tea which is my GOT TO HAVE drink. All of which he did for me [might I add] because he dropped the news that he spent $$ on a new Call of Duty game. Which is funny because I would never have known. I've been home for almost 2 hours and I didn't even notice he's playing a new game. He could have gotten away with not telling me because I don't pay attention to his silly X-box games,! But I'm lucky enough to have a truthful husband!!

Thanks for coming clean babe - and you're forgiven, because dinner (and the ice cream) were AWESOME!

#14 - Dinner

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