This picture, although cute, is a great annoyance. Simon learned to play fetch over the summer. It was the coolest trick when it first happened...not anymore. Anytime I sit or stay in one place, he'll find that special green ball and expect you to play with him. It happens throughout the day, but mostly when I'm getting ready for work. We have a routine. I get in the shower and he waits patiently on the bathroom rug (with the ball right next to him). Then as I put my contacts in, brush my teeth and lotion up, he EXPECTS me to "kick" the ball (since my hands are usually full) over and over again. We do this about 15 times. Then I head to my 2nd bedroom where my vanity is, to style my hair. The entire 20 minutes I'm sitting in there, he keeps bringing that ball back. Over and over and over and over and over again.

Like I said, cute, yes. But VERY annoying. If I don't kick it, he whines, runs up and shoves the ball [with his nose] into my foot or he barks at me. Heaven forbid I ignore this puppy while I'M TRYING TO GET READY!!!!!

Here are 2 #7's - Simon and that blasted green ball!
(I had to post 2 pictures, because 1 is of him waiting for me to kick it. The other is him lying down, annoyed that I'm taking a picture and not kicking the ball.)

               You like how his eyes never leave the ball?

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