I haven't been to many of Joe's softball games this season. Mainly because the rain has canceled quite a few games AND the Tuesday's I'm not working it seems he plays the LATE game at 9pm. Ugh! But the weather was beautiful today and the game was at 8pm, so attending tonight was an easy choice.

Joe's team won - GO CARSON ELEVATOR!

I took many shots, but this one was my favorite. I clearly need a better lens. Snapping the action or catching far away plays was extremely difficult. But I work with what I got!

#151 - Softball. A great past time for me. The smell of the mitt, the sound of the bat, the joy of the catch. Aw...I miss it.



Happy Memorial Day everyone. I wish I had something more patriotic to post. I wanted to get some photos of waving flags or flowers on a grave site, but I was unable. This morning went very fast; I woke up extremely late for work and then after work I immediately had to head to a "Meet and Greet" party with my sister Jessica's future in-laws.

Jessica's future mother-in-law Cindy put on a great party. It was held at an LDS ward house, where we had plenty of room to visit, eat and play. Cindy and her daughters put on a few games to help us 'get to know' each other better. We played a version of "The Newlywed Game," which was a real hoot. We found out A LOT about the couples. (Joe and I included!!)  The questions ranged from "If your husband was a type of car, what car would he be?" "What kind of a driver would you describe your wife as?" "What did you do on your 2nd date?" And of course, "What kind of kisser is your husband?" Some of the questions had multiple choice answers and some we were forced to get the answer exactly correct. (By the way SNOW Family, I totally think we should play something like this at the reunion in Pine Valley. It was SUPER fun!) It turned out that Joe and I took the grand prize!! WAY TO GO BLACKS!

Then they put on a game of pictionary - Downwards vs. Snow's. All the answers were 'wedding' related, so as soon as you got into the wedding phrase mindset, it was pretty simple. We had some good artists too! I feel bad because we totally gave the Downwards a run for their money!! Apparently all those nights of Cranium have trained us well. The Snow family took home the prize for that as well, yummy Snickers bare! :)

We had a great time and were grateful the Downwards were such fantastic hosts. (The chocolate covered grapes were TO DIE FOR! I might have to become best friends with Cory's grandma...mmm...they were so good!) But a good time is guaranteed when you're with family!! (Robyn & Jarron - we missed you guys!)

#150 - Our prizes!! I can't wait to get the S'mores going over an open fire...in my backyard. Why camp in the dirt when I can light up our outdoor cast iron fire place? YUMMY!



We celebrated my twin nieces 1st birthday this evening. I'm in serious disbelief that a year has already flown by. My day started early - 7:30am!! I was in charge of the 2 big cupcakes for the twins to indulge in. I only have 1 set of the cupcake pan, so I had to have one cooked AND cooled before I could start the next one. Hence the getting up early. Plus a large amount of people who haven't seen our newly renovated kitchen would be coming over and I knew a tour would be in order. So Joe and I did the FINAL touches on the kitchen as well as tidying up the rest of the place so it was 'show-able.' Basically there was LOADS to do before guests arrived at 2pm.

We had a yummy spread of food, great visiting, presents everywhere and then CUPCAKES!!!  First off, the girls were spoiled. And I mean SPOILED! They received a sand box (with sand & toys), a teeter-toter that also turns into a picnic table, a plastic PINK pool (with water toys), 2 PINK bucket swings, learning toys, stacking toys, a doll house, Legos, clothes...clothes...clothes. Oh and diapers & wipes from yours truly!! Seriously SPOILED MUCH? They just have so many loved ones out there, I guess its hard not to get spoiled.

After we all ate and watched Andee & Kelly open gifts (the girls cared more for the paper and sucking on the cards than they did for the actual toys.) we then went on to CAKE! I decorated the 2 cakes and let me say it was DIFFICULT! I had the necessary frosting tools, piping bags, tips, food coloring, spinning table...everything! But it was too tedious for me. I grew impatient very quickly and gave up on the hard stuff. Of course I wanted them to look extra special, but frosting is clearly NOT my forte and the girls are just gonna mess them up anyway!! So after globbing the frosting on and smearing it around last minute, I was satisfied with my work. The GIRLS loved them! Ella was a bit more timid, but Avie dove right in. They were a complete mess. It was great fun to watch and snap photos. What a great memory!!

The party turned out to be a great success and was a great way to celebrate their first year of life. They are both growing SO BIG!! Ella has 2 bottom teeth and 4 on top. She is walking (taking 4 or 5 steps all by herself.) She loves to wave, give kisses and bump into everything. NO FEAR in that one! Ella has 2 bottom teeth and 1 coming in on top. Still a little wobbly with walking, but when guided she can go anywhere. However she is the fastest crawler I've ever seen! She's turned into a little ham in front of the camera and is all things girly! Ella is quite the princess! ;)

I'm so happy I've been so close to them this past year. They change so much and seeing it first hand has been a true blessing. I'm grateful for my room mates for letting me share in this joy in their life. I love babysitting, cuddling, helping at dinner time and even watching Yo Gabba Gabba. These girls are so precious - I'm a VERY proud Auntie!

Happy Birthday to my #149's. All mess and tons of fun!





Joe and I participated in a great new adventure this morning. Bountiful Baskets!! (Thank you Joy for the suggestion.) Have you heard of them? If not, check out www.bountifulbaskets.org to find out more.

I purchased my basket on Monday morning and our scheduled pickup time was at 8am Saturday. Since I didn't have to work until 1pm, 8 o'clock was WAY to early for me today. We picked up just down the street from out house - We were lucky to have 3 pickup options close to our house this week, I'm hoping for the same next week. We met a few of the volunteers (One of the ladies I knew from my days of working at the West Jordan Smart Style. She was a regular customer there.) They were very helpful and guided us through our first pickup. We filled up our cooler and headed home with our goodies.

These baskets have 50% fruit and 50% vegetables. I'm excited to get such great produce for a cheap price, variety and such a large amount. It forces us to eat a little healthier too and I could definitely use that. (We got cauliflower in our basket and we aren't huge fans. But then I remembered a restaurant in SLC - Five Alls - has a great 'cream of cauliflower soup' similar to cream of broccoli. Joe is excited to test out the recipe!) See? I'm already happy about it because we get to try new things!!!

Our new weekly adventure - just me and Joe. #148 - BOUNTIFUL baskets!



YES! Another package in the mail today and this one was bigger!! :) My Aunt Amie sent me a few books to possibly help my infertility problems (plus a bonus book just for fun!) Isn't she awesome?? Who knows, this may be just what I'm looking for or needing. Even if they aren't, the thought means a great deal. Thank you Amie, I appreciate you thinking/worrying about me. You care so much about everyone you meet and I'm lucky I get to be one of the special ones!! I LOVE YOU!

My #147 - Somebody loves me!! AMIE, YOU ROCK!



My package arrived today!!! I've been anxious awaiting new feathers to come in the mail and YAY for TODAY! I'm not sure some of them will work for 'hair extension' purposes, but they'd make some killer jewelry! I'm loving feathers lately, anyone notice??

#146 - I LOVE get packages!!



I was up early today; I was in charge of doing my sister Jessica's hair for her bridal pictures. Of course I had to go to work RIGHT after, so getting me showered & ready had to happen first. I was up at 5:30AM!! Props to those who get up that early on a regular basis. I HATE seeing that time of day! :(  But it was well worth it, because I made it to my dad's house by 7:00 to start getting the bride ready. (It got me all excited for the big day!!) Once the extensions were in and curled, we practiced a few styles, but ultimately she wanted to keep her hair down. Then it took about 30 minutes to get her dressed! Man those wedding dresses are tough.

About 10:00 we were off to Gardner Village for photos. It was a beautiful morning, with a just slight breeze. I was grateful most of the pictures were taken in shady areas...because it got hot...fast!! I actually walked away with a nice tan line on my neck & chest. Should have worn a wider neckline OR sunscreen!! Too bad I went tanning last night (see previous post). Now I'm REALLY burnt!! Its really okay though, because I'm LOVING the color on my face and my freckles are standing out more. LOVE IT!

Just like Jessica's engagement photos, the photographer was okay with me snapping shots in between his (as long as I wasn't in his way.) Her photographer is a great guy and we spent most of the 2 1/2 hours joking around...and hiding each others cameras! :) Haha.

I posted PLENTY of my photos on Facebook, so check them out. There were so many to choose from, it was hard picking just one. But this one was my favorite and I believe it captures the simplistic, natural beauty in my baby sister. It isn't hard to get a good photo of her. She's very photogenic, plus the camera loves her!!

#145 - Jessica, the breath-taking bride. Beautiful day, beautiful photos, beautiful bride!!  Love you Sweet - only 2 weeks and 5 days left!! ;)



#144 - And so we meet again.

Tried a few new things this time around. I wanted to go one last time before 'thinking' of a spray tan. I'm petrified of the repercussions of a spray tan...so...I thought I would try changing it up a bit before giving in to Oompa-Loompa territory.

We'll see.



I got to visit with Miss Avery Roos tonight!! Finally!! She is 2 weeks old now and I was only able to sneak in a quick visit last week...until now! I got 3 hole hours.

Our friends Dan and Elizabeth welcomed this cute little nugget into the world on May 10th. Their friends and family have been taking turns bringing over dinner to help out over the last few weeks and tonight was our night! I've been waiting for this night to come so I could visit with my best friend and get some snuggles in with her little one. And Joe needed some Dan time too...haha, like they don't get enough time together playing Call of Duty every night.

BOTH Joe and I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, corn bread and razzleberry pie! (We made enough so we could stay over and eat with Dan & Elizabeth) It turned out to be a great meal - minus the bad after taste on the corn bread - plus it was wonderful just visiting and shooting the bull with friends. I've missed my girl time. We laughed, made fun of each other, told stories...aw...it was a great night.

Little Miss Avery is quite the snuggler....well when she isn't unhappy....so I got a few good moments of cuddle time. She is SO tiny and has the cutest lips. I could just love on her all day long!!! Thank you Dan and Elizabeth for letting us bombard you this evening. Hope the food was good!!

#143 - Miss Avery Roos. The newest Roosy-Q. Isn't she a cutie-pa-tootie???



Saturday Night Live has been a lifetime favorite of mine. Even back when I was a young teenager and I rarely understood the jokes. As I've aged, a true, loyal fan I have always stayed. Many of my favorite cast members have come and gone - including Jimmy Fallon, but loyal I stay!!

Last nights episode was hosted by Justin Timberlake - one of my favorite hosts!! (I read somewhere that Justin wants to be permanently cast on SNL and I completely agree. He can be HILARIOUS!) Since I'm a major Jimmy Fallon fan AND I love when JT hosts, my favorite skit of them together has always been The Barry Gibb Talk Show. (Its a parody of the Gibb brothers from The Bee Gees.) OMGosh this skit makes me laugh EVERY TIME!  Well Jimmy is no longer a cast member and I was hoping, since JT was hosting this week, that Jimmy would make a guest appearance and do the talk show skit. MY WISH CAME TRUE! It was the very last skit and as always, I laughed like crazy!

In my opinion, there are few duos that are a MUST see on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timeberlake is a HAVE TO SEE!

One of the best skits on SNL, my #142 - The Barry Gibb Talk Show.  Youtube it - you should!!



Upon Joe's recommendation, I purchased a Mighty Wallet. Joe ordered one for himself and a friend late last year after seeing it on a commercial, however once it arrived in the mail, Joe put the package in a drawer and there it has stayed. About a month ago I was complaining about losing money out of my back pocket while at work and Joe mentioned getting a wallet. We all know how bulky wallets can be. I didn't want something heavy and huge weighing on me everyday, so I found myself a 'business card' holder to use instead. (I mainly just need this for work because I have a big fold out wallet that goes in my purse but its too large for my pocket. I usually just stuff tips in my back pocket and they'll get waded up, crinkled and apparently fall out of my pocket when I sit down.) After many Saturdays and many appreciated tips, I found that this credit card holder wasn't enough.

Early this week, after whining to Joe about losing some tip money last Saturday, he advised me to find something different. Then that brought up the Mighty Wallet purchase he made months ago and the rest is history. I got online and found the one that best suited me and IT ARRIVED!

#141's - CHEERS to a new wallet that totally fits my needs AND my personality!  Its already proved to be quite useful. Great idea Joe! (And Merry Christmas Chris! After our discovery of the forgotten purchase, Joe was finally able to pass on his friends Christmas gift today.)  :)



We had a bridal shower for my baby sister this evening. I still can't wrap my head around my BABY sister getting married - ugh it just makes me feel old. There was plenty of food, visiting and of course PRESENTS!  We had a great turn out and Jessica had a good time - which was the main point of it all. 

Just quickly this evening #140 - Cooking ingredients my baby sister will HAVE to learn how to use. You can't live off of cottage cheese, goldfish crackers or raumen noodles, Jessica! ;)



If anyone is in need of burgundy, velvet slippers with a giant bow at the tip, Kohl's has about 40 pairs on CLEARANCE! Hmm...wonder why they have so many, I mean, wouldn't you buy them??

#139 - I'll have you know peeps - these shoes are $6 on clearance - get'em while they're HOT! :)

My sister Kalie and I had a great time poking fun at the bevy of nightly footwear Kohl's had on sale. Kalie was looking for red sandals, but instead our time was spent giggling in the aisles of the shoe department, cracking joke after joke. My sister makes me feel like a comedian because she laughs at EVERYTHING I say. Thanks Kalie!!



Twice a year our company needs us to run inventory. Yuck. Today was my salon's assigned day. You wouldn't think a hair salon would have much to count...but oh boy we do!! SO MANY BOTTLES! Plus we have to count shop supplies too.

A little know fact about me is that I carry a little of my mom's OCD in me and it really shows when inventory comes around. Most salon managers delegate to their staff and require help to get the job done faster. I, however, like it done MY way. Sounds a little harsh, but its a fact. If its done my way, I know its done right and efficiently. (I know my stylists are capable, for sure...I just don't want to take that gamble. I know how to do and I don't mind doing it by myself.) The salon opens at 9am, but on inventory day, I try to arrive no later than 7am and get setup ready. Then I grab my scanner & marker, make sure the salon gates are closed, turn on the ipod and I'm set. It usually goes pretty smoothly - only a few bumps in the road. Turns out I'm not smarter than the scanner or the software. ;)  Plus once the salon opens at 9, customers start flowing in and I have to stop. Today however, I planned better and had a stylist open the salon for me so I could focus on inventory only. Best idea ever. I've done inventory 4 times before and I've always been the stylist to do inventory AND open the salon. See, I learn every time! I'm getting smarter!!!

It takes quite awhile just doing it singlehandedly. But once the software asks me to run audits and check for missing product, having done it myself makes for easy corrections and only myself to blame. I was in the salon for 7 1/2 JUST doing inventory. But it was done right, clean & organized and I'm one happy manager!!!

The best news of today #138 - COUNT IS CLOSED!

Yay!! Only 4 1/2 more months until I have to do it all over again. Oh well - like I said it was done right and efficiently and I'm proud. Thank you OCD.



I HATE laundry days. As much as I love clean clothes - I hate the ALL day consuming task. Since we have a shared household, I only have 3 days to get laundry done. And with my work schedule, sometimes those days are just impossible. Okay..really its because I don't dedicate time of those days to get it completely done. I usually leave laundry until my last assigned day and spend as much time as possible on it. Well, in doing that, I get annoyed and lazy real easy. And here is proof of that:
#137 - "Un-Wed" socks...for time and all eternity.

In this laundry basket, my 'un-wed' socks will forever stay. The time it takes to match up socks and fold them, is time wasted in my mind. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing. Call me lazy, call me messy..I don't care. I refuse to fold socks. Besides, this full basket makes for some modern night stand decoration...right?



Happy Birthday Joe! Today was a great day and much was done. I was very productive on my day off and decided this evening Joe and I needed a treat. We decided to have dinner at the same restaurant where we had our first date. Its called Stoneground and its downtown SLC. We haven't been there in so long; the yummy Italian food was the best treat of today. Joe and I shared some yummy Bruchetta, salad, pizza AND tiramisu! Their tiramisu is the best in the state of Utah. And I would know because I've tried many.

(I know Kalie, I'm posting a food picture again) But here is my delectable ##136 - TIRAMISU!!!

Cell phone pic

Joe and I had a wonderful day today. I hope it was a birthday to remember for him. I love him so much and I thank my lucky starts every day that he chose me - and stuck with me. Love you Joe!



We had an incredible day today!! Joe and I really cherish the time we have together - and we LOVE it when we get an entire day to be with each other. Our day started out with a dual birthday breakfast with my Mom & Kelly. This breakfast was also to celebrate my birthday that was a few weeks ago, as well as Joe's. (Time & schedules kept us from doing something around my birthday) Anyway, my mom made a wonderful breakfast and had a gorgeous table set up for us. I felt like I was eating at a 5star restaurant! After breakfast we visited out on their porch for a good few hours. It was nice, just the 4 of us. Once we left, we decided we wanted to enjoy the beauty of this afternoon weather and take our dogs for a walk. However once we got home, we were both on the tired side, so a 'walk' was out of the question. Instead, we grabbed a blanket, my camera, leftover fruit from breakfast, a few pillows, our dogs and headed to the front lawn for some relaxation time. I played fetch with Simon, for what seemed like hours. Joe slept in the shade cuddling with Lucas. It was such a warm and beautiful Spring day. (There was a little breeze, but nothing that was blowing us over...it was just perfect.)  I couldn't stop taking pictures. I don't have many pictures of my puppies - they aren't the most cooperative when I have my camera out, plus I wanted to capture the bright sunny day.

My #135's - Our wonderful day OUTSIDE and together!

Simon LOVES to roll around. I don't know if he's itching his back or trying to rub a scent on his back, but its pretty funny to watch.

The infamous green ball. I hate that thing. Can you believe that fits in his mouth? My favorite is when he runs with it in mouth. Too funny.


Lucas was on patrol all afternoon. He couldn't get comfortable, always had to see what was going on. Where Simon was, what car just drove by, the neighbor kids playing. It was literally like he was patrolling the yard.


Our freshly cut grass. KJ mowed the lawn minutes before we came outside. Looks great!

And the amazing, clear blue sky was a wonder to stare at. I caught a great glimpse of the warm sun through our trees!

Then the evening came to a close with a delicious BBQ feast with my Dad, Nancy & family. Joe was spoiled with awesome birthday presents (a hotdog cooker, waffle cone maker, an X-box Live Chat headset and gift cards). Today was a GREAT day!! Happy Birthday to Joe tomorrow!! :)



Joe's birthday is on Monday. While I was at work tonight, he had a 'guys night out' (including my sister Andee BTW) and they all went to see Thor in IMAX-3D. He's been waiting to see this movie for quite sometime - he has openly admitted to having a 'man crush' on Chris Hemsworth...he's always super jealous of muscular men. ;) Haha!!

Anyway technically tonight wasn't a birthday celebration, but going to see that movie was one of the things he wanted to do over his birthday. Now tomorrow, Sunday, we'll be celebrating with my mom with breakfast in the morning then we have a birthday dinner planned with my dad & family. SO...I decided he should get one of his birthday presents early and wear it to all the festivities tomorrow.

Old school #134. Happy Birthday (on Monday) Joe - I luv u!

I don't know if any of you have seen "Adventures in Babysitting" but I think of that movie every time I see or hear of Thor. I was not a comic book fanatic, so I didn't even know who Thor was. But then I saw that movie and saw how obsessed the little girl was. Haha, good 80's classic...oh and I love how she colors those pictures of Thor with the zit cover up she stole from her teenage brother. Good times, good times. Now I wanna watch that movie! :)


#132 & #133

Okay, Blogger was in 'read-only' mode yesterday. Basically meaning you could read ANY public blog, you just can't login to read private blogs OR POST A BLOG for that matter. ER! I was upset. So sure enough, yet another road block in my posting consistency. I really irritates me when I can't post everyday - who would have thought THAT part was going to be the hard part?

Here it is my 133rd day and I have post both my #132nd & #133rd photos.

I went tanning for a 2nd time on Wednesday - I actually used the bed correctly AND I went in for a total of 8 minutes. Well...I got a lot of color this time around...especially my backside. My upper and lower back at pretty red, but what hurts the most is my legs!! I got pretty red behind me knees and with all the knee bending one does in a typical day, makes for some severe discomfort!!

#132 - Say hello to my little friend. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Works like a charm!! However Joe loves to spray it directly on me...its so cold...jerk!

And for today my #133 ON day 133.  My prize for the Best Smack Talk Award during March Madness.  My mom's side of the family has a March Madness tournament, hosted by my uncle Randy. I have never been into March Madness before, but I was involved in their NFL Playoff fun, so we decided to join in on the NCAA fun. Most of the action literally comes from the emails. My uncle would send out an email everyday there was a game and let us know the standings. He was really good at poking fun of the losers or jinxing the winners of the day; his wit is one to admire. Then he would open up the discussion, hinting for some more smack talk from the rest of the group. Well apparently my zingers were the best of the best because when all was said and done ( and UConn took the victory ) apparently in our little tournament I took the 'coveted' Best Smack Talk award!

It was finally delivered to me today. My schedule never matches up with my uncles, so it took awhile to actually acquire the gift. Plus who knows how long it will take Joe and I to actually use the gift cards. Haha - But thanks Randy!!!



I tried to be as productive as I could today on my day off. I spent most of the day doing laundry. (We switched up laundry days in the household and I HAD to be done by today.) I also forced myself to clean and organize my jewelry box. My sister Andee thought I may have picked up one of her necklaces by mistake, so I had to go through it all to make sure. I had a major obsession with jewelry not that long ago. (I'm still a little addicted, but not nearly as bad.) So for my birthday one year, my parents bought me one of those free standing jewelry 'cabinets' that has 8 drawers and 2 swinging doors on the side. Its completely full. Trying to find a small, simple silver chain in there is literally like finding a needle in a haystack. Thus the plan to completely clean out and organize the dang thing.

It took me almost 2 hours!! Unfortunately I had about 6 small silver chains WITH charms on them that were all knotted up; I had to use 2 pairs of tweezers and a WHOLE bunch of patience to get it out. Thankfully I had plenty of recorded TV to have on in the background to keep me level headed and focused.

I didn't find Andee's necklace, but I did get it all organized - sans the bottom 2 drawers. There are several necklaces and bracelets I don't wear that I refuse to get rid of...yes I'm a jewelry hoarder. But what if they come back in fashion or I buy a new outfit that would go with one of them perfectly? I actually added some necklaces to those drawers because I find that after organizing - I just don't have enough room!!!

#131 - Here is ONE of the 2 1/2 drawers dedicated to just earrings and rings! Seriously - that's a lot...I may have a problem.



Some of you have heard, seen or participated in the new fad of Feather Extensions. Like I mentioned before in my "Pheasant Cape" post, my stylist Brianna ordered a kit and started offering them to her customers. Well after a week of watching her, learning and see the prospects, I decided I wanted to jump into this venture myself. I ordered my first batch of feathers and the first week was incredible. This fad has really taken off and EVERYONE wants one! I actually had to order more this past Sunday to restock my supplies because I was unaware of how high in demand they are. Plus I've learned which ones sell more and which others aren't as popular. Plus they've been hard to find! Buying them from a beauty supply shop is out of the question. They are too over priced. I've had to resort to ebay, amazon and etsy. I've been lucky enough to find good deals, but I still have to charge $6 a feather to keep a profit. (All the money I've earned, I've just turned around to purchase more!)

#130 - My shockingly successful business venture. (Now let's just hope it stays that way. Thank you Steven Tyler!)



Our kitchen is progressing!! I thought once the cabinets, counter-tops and appliances were in, we'd be done. Oh yeah right. Apparently plumbing was a big deal - took 2 nights of Joe working non-stop. Then I forgot the lights under the cabinets...a luxury Joe didn't want to be without. Then we've got touch up paint..(a lot of touch up)..the guys were NOT careful putting the cabinets, sink or dishwasher in. Ugh - we should have painted AFTER all that went in. The we have to put all our cookware away, organize the drawers and find the right place for everything. Plus I have some more decorating I want to do and a big must - we need to go grocery shopping!!! Our fridge has been completely empty for way too long. I actually wanted to go grocery shopping last Wednesday, but believe it or not, we've been busy EVERY night since and I haven't had time.

My #129 - WE HAVE WATER!!! (Thanks Joe for being my 'hand model.' Wish you would have been more 'pose-able' though! Hahaha)



Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I thought I'd go with the theme of today and post a picture of my mom. She came in to the salon this afternoon for some color, a haircut AND she got some feathers. (How stylish!)  ;)

People say I look just like my mother...but I really just think its the red hair that gives people that impression. (If you've seen my dad - you know I look JUST like him.) She's about 3 inches shorter than me and probably more than 100 pounds lighter than me. She's a very energetic person and is great to have at a party or in a crowd. She knows how to have a good time, how to make people laugh and feel welcome.  My mom and I have not gotten along much over the years and even still today there are times we don't see eye to eye. But there isn't anything my mom wouldn't do for me. And I know when I'm in a pickle or in need of some help, she will jump at the chance to come to my rescue. There are MANY traits I see in myself that she passed down on to me. I'm a huge care-taker, I have a big heart, I'm loud & boisterous and I'm huge people person. All these, I share with my mom.

Even though I don't look much like her, her blood runs through my veins and her past is my past. We may not get along 100% of the time, but she is the reason I'm here today. I"m grateful for all she has done for me and I'm so glad our relationship has improved over the last few years.

#128 - Happy Mother's Day!



Joe and I made a few decisions TOGETHER tonight! When it comes to the new kitchen, its either Joe's making the decisions without me or vice versa. We just don't agree on anything!! So instead of arguing, we just make the decision and the other person has to live with it. (Harsh I know, but its how this marriage works sometimes! lol)   However, yesterday I was telling him about 2 different creative ideas I had and he LIKED THEM! A first!! We went shopping together for supplies tonight and both of us are excited to see the end result. Its going to take a lot of patience and creative juice on my part - but I'm pumped up and ready to go.

Hee hee, my secret #127. I can't wait to show you the final products!! (Yes this if fabric for project #1 and No its not being sewn or used in any way you'd be thinking of.)



I felt like crap today...all day. For the past week or so I've been waking up with minor neck pain. Very similar to that kinky neck pain most feel when they've slept in a weird position. I've been surprised with how many mornings I've woken up feeling that way...Joe and I decided it had to be my pillows. Maybe they weren't supporting me enough or I was too elevated. Wednesday night we decided to change how the pillows were laid out, but unfortunately Thursday morning I woke up in pain again. ((I wasn't too shocked because I was completely uncomfortable with the new pillow arrangement and didn't sleep well.) Since changing the pillows didn't work, I decided to return them to their 'normal' position and get a good nights rest Thursday night....

Welp...Today I woke up stiffer than a board. My puppy Simon woke me up at 4am to go outside...which is unusual for him...but when I tried to sit up and get out of bed, I experienced the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. It started in my upper neck and ran down my entire spine. I was immobile. I smacked Joe in my terrified state and cried for his help. He immediately jumped out of bed and to my aide. After pulling me up and out of bed, I collapsed back into a sitting position and just bawled. Once Joe came back inside with the dogs, he rubbed my neck and back to find the source - but it was so early in the morning, we were both half asleep and his 'rubbing' didn't feel good at all. In my tired/irritated state I told him to we should just go back to sleep. Easy enough for him - not so easy for me. I couldn't get comfortable; just adjusting my position was extremely painful. Its amazing how often you use your neck muscles. Muscles I've clearly taken advantage of!! I was unable to fall back asleep and after an hour of just crying in bed, I forced myself out of bed and into a hot shower. After trying to stretch it out and rubbing what I could, I realized I was a lost cause. I'm no masseuse or physical therapist. I gave up, dried off and tried to fall back asleep sitting erect in our living room recliner. It worked, thank heavens. I was able to sleep the remaining 3 hours before getting up for work. However the problem has yet to be solved. I had to get ready with this stiff neck - any sudden movements hurt like the dickens. Regular motions of doing my hair, applying make up, even getting dressed took much more time than usual. Driving to work was ridiculous...checking my blind spot was nearly impossible. Then I had to force myself to work an 8 hour shift today. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was in constant pain ALL day, I had to work, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Here it is almost midnight. I'm still in so much pain, not knowing the actual cause. Nothing seems to work 100%, but I do have some wonderful things around me that are soothing and helping me relax. I'm really scared and nervous to go to bed. Not knowing what my REM stage will do to my body. I might have to sleep in the recliner again... :(  If the pain worsens (if thats even possible) or doesn't subside, I'm thinking a trip to the hospital is in my future. There is a possibility it isn't just a strained or kinked neck, I may have a pinched a nerve or worse slipped a disc...which is what I'm feeling it might be. Wish me luck. Ugh.

#126 - MY soothies. A "NuggleBuddy" rice bag (a godsend), Pain relief patches (they feel like icy/hot) and a few pills from my mother's own "pharmacy" stash. A few lortabs and a percocet. Thank you, good night and into my drug coma I go.



My nieces were lots of fun today. We had a mini picnic outside for dinner as we waited for my parents to arrive. (We put in counter tops, sink & dishwasher this evening in my kitchen - yay!) Andee and Kelly had to run an errand so I was asked to watch the girls for a quick minute. Well...you know what that means! I ran downstairs to grab my camera and shot as many photos as I could!! Of course it was like 7:30 by this point, which is 30 minutes before bed time...and needless to say, they weren't very cooperative. I did manage to get a few...but I have over 20 shots of them with their thumbs in their mouth. That's pretty much how they are all the time. Especially when they are tired. At least they're still so darn cute, even with the constant thumb-sucking.

Here are my 2 #125's. My nieces and their form of "soothies." (They are wearing my first wave of the Vintage Rose Wraps. I bought these over a year ago I think, but they're still cute!)

Can you guess who's who??

(Avie on top & Ella on bottom)



OMGosh do I have a story for you. (I hope you like reading my posts and not only looking at the pictures...because this ones a good one!)

My sister Andee and I have decided to start weekly tanning in prep for the upcoming wedding of our younger sister Jessica in June. I've been VERY nervous and skeptical because I haven't been in a tanning bed for over 10 years - since high school. Oh AND  the fact that I'm a GINGER!!! Hello! Red hair, pale/white skin, light eyes and FRECKLES!! I'm a spf junkie and never wear anything lower than 50. My forearms get burnt with setting my arm on the car door, with the window down, during the summer. Even if I'm driving a short distance. Here I am an adult now and instead of researching the proper way for a GINGER to go tanning, I decided to let the 16year-old behind the counter tell me what to do. (That could be my first problem, aye?) Of course she recommended the most expensive bed..saying its the bed I'll least likely to burn in. Plus she only said to go in for 6 minutes. I asked if there was a cheaper bed that's a close 2nd to the most expensive one and she said the next one down, I'll have an 80% chance of tanning and 20% chance of burning. Okay, GINGER'S don't like those odds. I need 99.9% NO BURN! Not so surprisingly, I opted for the more expensive bed.

Now for the embarrassing (and worrisome) part. Like I said earlier, I haven't tanned in FOREVER, so I had completely forgotten what to do. I got into my room, striped almost completely down, lotioned up, grabbed the little eye protectors, layed down and pulled the bed roof over me. WOW! Those dim lights were HOT! After applying the lotion, I literally felt a burn on my skin. Then once I got in the bed, the heat of the lights made it worse. Then I started freaking out because I couldn't see a timer - Was I trusting this 16year-old 'know it all' to pay attention to my bed? To turn it off when 6 minutes is up? What if she forgot about me? What if the bed didn't turn off after 6 minutes? How long would I stay in there before noticing???? FREAK OUT! I decided to pay attention to the radio. Most songs are what like 2 1/2 to 3 minutes long. By the time I thought this I knew I'd heard at least one song all the way through, so I decided as soon as the current song playing was over, Id jump out. 6 minutes or not. Then I'm stopped of all thought and heard, "Erica?"  I responded, "Yes?"   "Are you ready?"  My mind freaks out again. Of course I'm ready! I've been baking for almost 2 songs!!!  Then replied "Yes, I'm in the bed already." And she came back with "Did you hit the start button on the wall before hopping in?" Oh wow...there is a start button on the wall? How old am I? This 16year-old is probably laughing like crazy thinking this silly old woman doesn't even know how to turn the darn thing on. UGH! So I get out of the bed and hit the start button. Noting better than my fat butt trying to hop in and out of this bed multiple times. Once I hit the start button the bed illuminates with neon lights. I'm thinking, "huh, this is starting to look familiar." And then I see the timer inside the bed. DUH!!!

Once lying back, in the now illuminating bed, it gets hot. REAL HOT! (And I thought it was hot before.) Then freak out returns and I'm wondering if the 4 or so minutes in the 'dimmer' lighting counts towards my final 6 minutes. How long should I stay in? The timer is set for 6 minutes...but did I baste too long? Should I get out before the 6 minutes is up? My skin is HOT, feeling like it does when I'm loitering somewhere in 100 degree weather. I'm praying this doesn't ruin me. I can hear the skin cancer arising, I can picture the lobster skin and I can imagine the stiff/sore feeling I will have for the next week. WHY DID I DO THIS?!?!

Luckily the bed shuts off the neon lights after only 4 minutes, then there is some kind of a cooling session for 2 minutes. (The lights are back to dim but there is a fan going.) Then I hop out when the bed turns itself off and I dress...all while thinking of the nightmares I listed above...LOBSTER SKIN! SORENESS! SKIN CANCER!!!!!! This wasn't the best decision I've ever made.  (Not to mention the pain my wallet feels. First I get the most expensive bed they offer and then the tanning lotion!!! HELLO!!! They are e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!!)

I've been home for 30 minutes - I can clearly see color and I'm feeling a teeny bit of warmth & stiffness. This is the first time my GINGER skin has seen any form of UV-rays so far this year...I should count on getting my a little burnt. I'm just hoping the almost 2 songs of basting in dim lights, covered in what feels like butter, doesn't overly effect the 3 minutes of actual UV-rays. (I think I now know what a turkey feels like....)

My #124's - is a picture of the 'butter feeling' tanning lotion. It clearly reads on the back "Are you ready to lose yourself in a labyrinth of dazzling, dark color?" Hmm...A GINGER shouldn't buy into this. Can you even picture a dazzling, dark GINGER? Um, nope! Then it reads "...this product is not for the faint of heart." Seriously I should have read that before!!!!!!!!

***Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of the impending LOBSTER color base!!



I went shopping for my kitchen today. I have wanted to change the towels/rugs/decor for quite sometime and now with a whole new kitchen, I feel a little entitled to new things! ;)  My previously decorated kitchen was in our apartment (before this house) right after we got married. I had registered for all things CHERRY! Everything was red, all my towels had cherries on them. I even had wall decorations & plates to match. Once we moved into this house and saw that our kitchen counters were going to be ORANGE and our sink YELLOW - I just couldn't decorate...ugh! Those colors were awful and I couldn't embrace them. So I refused to decorate or make the kitchen my own - hence the photos of how it looked before. (See this Black Spot post for before pictures.) Now that I have this NEW kitchen and the colors/design is more 'modern,' I feel the "country-ish" style I had with the cherries, doesn't suit anymore.

I still have plenty of red appliances that will stay. (A blender, toaster, plenty of cookware) But everything else will be gone. Aw! I feel so refreshed already!! I also decided to add in another color to my awesomely painted red wall. I couldn't pick which color would fit best, but I landed on purple. I know, I know purple and red kind of clash - but I'm going to do it tastefully. I'm only adding purple here and there. I found some great rugs at Kohl's and then out of nowhere I found plates & bowls at Kohl's too. (I actually wasn't thinking of replacing them...but they were 60% off..I couldn't resist.) This makes me even more excited to get the kitchen completed!!

#123 - My new color inspiration for my kitchen



Today was a gorgeous Spring day. Just gorgeous. I wore a spring skirt and flip-flops, washed my car, drove with the window down AND took a nice walk with Elizabeth.

#122 - LOVE LOVE LOVE today!!



I downloaded this game/app on my phone MONTHS ago. Its called Bubble Buster. I know there are many versions of this game out there, but this one became my favorite. My obsession. It has 200 levels and as soon as you get to level 200, it starts you back at level 1. I can't tell you how many times I've played all 200 levels...just over and over. However, I've had help from Joe. There were a few levels...okay lots...that I just couldn't ever pass. They were SO HARD and I would get frustrated real easy. This last 200 go-round I promised myself to finish ALL 200 by myself and then delete the app imediately. (Joe has been getting annoyed with my impatience and irritability with that game.) There were times I would play 1 level for a week straight because it was so difficult. In fact when I left for Vegas this weekend, I was on level 199. I played it about 50 times on the drive down, a few times here and there while waiting for Valet or being seated at a restaurant, then I played it about 100 times on the drive home today to finally seize victory about half way home. I was so excited!!!

The 200th level is VERY easy, so I quickly snapped a picture of my phone screen before finishing. Then, as I promised, I immediately uninstalled it from my phone. Bubble Busters is gone!! (Joe will be so happy!!) Now I have to find another addicting game to help time pass...wonder which one is up next.

My #121 - This BUBBLE has finally BURST!

Notice the 'balls' spell out the words "You Win." 
Best words I've ever heard.
Peace out Bubble Buster!!!


Again I'm late at posting. This weekend marks the first time I've been out of town doing this photo challenge and I have to admit - its hard! My dedication is waring. I'm afraid of the week long vacation I'll be taking in July for my family reunion. I'll be heading to a remote location with NO WiFi!!! Blasphemy!! However I had a really interesting conversation with my sisters tonight on how to get around it or still be able to post. You'll have to wait and see - I might have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I also found it hard to actually have a photo for each day. I mean I am carrying around a camera all day and snapping photos every now and then, but none with "The Photo of the Day" in mind. Yesterday was easy and again today I took many photos of my siblings and self portraits of me in these CUTE H&M sunglasses I bought yesterday. (They are light blue hearts!!) But a self portraits aren't blog worth and no offense intended...but I could find something better than pictures of my posse. They're all goofy pictures anyway. I'm in VEGAS for crying out loud - shouldn't there be something SCREAMING at me to photograph?

Well after carrying around the camera ALL day, I just now realized I barely took any. Shocker. It was a fun field day and the weather was better than yesterday, but I just didn't capture the essence of today on camera. So here is a my cheap-shot photo for tonight. I promise to do MUCH better next time I'm out of town. I need to mentally prepare for those photo challenges and hopefully come up with something much better.

Today's #120 - MYSTÈRE. We attended this show tonight and it was AMAZING. I didn't follow the storyline much..I was confused most of the time. I just don't have the imagination for the interpretative dance and over exaggeration of detail - but I did enjoy all the talent each of the performers had. OMGosh, they were incredible. The strength each of them have is mind-blowing. Definitely worth the money - Love anything by Cirque Du Soleil!!