Some of you have heard, seen or participated in the new fad of Feather Extensions. Like I mentioned before in my "Pheasant Cape" post, my stylist Brianna ordered a kit and started offering them to her customers. Well after a week of watching her, learning and see the prospects, I decided I wanted to jump into this venture myself. I ordered my first batch of feathers and the first week was incredible. This fad has really taken off and EVERYONE wants one! I actually had to order more this past Sunday to restock my supplies because I was unaware of how high in demand they are. Plus I've learned which ones sell more and which others aren't as popular. Plus they've been hard to find! Buying them from a beauty supply shop is out of the question. They are too over priced. I've had to resort to ebay, amazon and etsy. I've been lucky enough to find good deals, but I still have to charge $6 a feather to keep a profit. (All the money I've earned, I've just turned around to purchase more!)

#130 - My shockingly successful business venture. (Now let's just hope it stays that way. Thank you Steven Tyler!)

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