Happy Memorial Day everyone. I wish I had something more patriotic to post. I wanted to get some photos of waving flags or flowers on a grave site, but I was unable. This morning went very fast; I woke up extremely late for work and then after work I immediately had to head to a "Meet and Greet" party with my sister Jessica's future in-laws.

Jessica's future mother-in-law Cindy put on a great party. It was held at an LDS ward house, where we had plenty of room to visit, eat and play. Cindy and her daughters put on a few games to help us 'get to know' each other better. We played a version of "The Newlywed Game," which was a real hoot. We found out A LOT about the couples. (Joe and I included!!)  The questions ranged from "If your husband was a type of car, what car would he be?" "What kind of a driver would you describe your wife as?" "What did you do on your 2nd date?" And of course, "What kind of kisser is your husband?" Some of the questions had multiple choice answers and some we were forced to get the answer exactly correct. (By the way SNOW Family, I totally think we should play something like this at the reunion in Pine Valley. It was SUPER fun!) It turned out that Joe and I took the grand prize!! WAY TO GO BLACKS!

Then they put on a game of pictionary - Downwards vs. Snow's. All the answers were 'wedding' related, so as soon as you got into the wedding phrase mindset, it was pretty simple. We had some good artists too! I feel bad because we totally gave the Downwards a run for their money!! Apparently all those nights of Cranium have trained us well. The Snow family took home the prize for that as well, yummy Snickers bare! :)

We had a great time and were grateful the Downwards were such fantastic hosts. (The chocolate covered grapes were TO DIE FOR! I might have to become best friends with Cory's grandma...mmm...they were so good!) But a good time is guaranteed when you're with family!! (Robyn & Jarron - we missed you guys!)

#150 - Our prizes!! I can't wait to get the S'mores going over an open fire...in my backyard. Why camp in the dirt when I can light up our outdoor cast iron fire place? YUMMY!

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