Saturday Night Live has been a lifetime favorite of mine. Even back when I was a young teenager and I rarely understood the jokes. As I've aged, a true, loyal fan I have always stayed. Many of my favorite cast members have come and gone - including Jimmy Fallon, but loyal I stay!!

Last nights episode was hosted by Justin Timberlake - one of my favorite hosts!! (I read somewhere that Justin wants to be permanently cast on SNL and I completely agree. He can be HILARIOUS!) Since I'm a major Jimmy Fallon fan AND I love when JT hosts, my favorite skit of them together has always been The Barry Gibb Talk Show. (Its a parody of the Gibb brothers from The Bee Gees.) OMGosh this skit makes me laugh EVERY TIME!  Well Jimmy is no longer a cast member and I was hoping, since JT was hosting this week, that Jimmy would make a guest appearance and do the talk show skit. MY WISH CAME TRUE! It was the very last skit and as always, I laughed like crazy!

In my opinion, there are few duos that are a MUST see on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timeberlake is a HAVE TO SEE!

One of the best skits on SNL, my #142 - The Barry Gibb Talk Show.  Youtube it - you should!!

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