Twice a year our company needs us to run inventory. Yuck. Today was my salon's assigned day. You wouldn't think a hair salon would have much to count...but oh boy we do!! SO MANY BOTTLES! Plus we have to count shop supplies too.

A little know fact about me is that I carry a little of my mom's OCD in me and it really shows when inventory comes around. Most salon managers delegate to their staff and require help to get the job done faster. I, however, like it done MY way. Sounds a little harsh, but its a fact. If its done my way, I know its done right and efficiently. (I know my stylists are capable, for sure...I just don't want to take that gamble. I know how to do and I don't mind doing it by myself.) The salon opens at 9am, but on inventory day, I try to arrive no later than 7am and get setup ready. Then I grab my scanner & marker, make sure the salon gates are closed, turn on the ipod and I'm set. It usually goes pretty smoothly - only a few bumps in the road. Turns out I'm not smarter than the scanner or the software. ;)  Plus once the salon opens at 9, customers start flowing in and I have to stop. Today however, I planned better and had a stylist open the salon for me so I could focus on inventory only. Best idea ever. I've done inventory 4 times before and I've always been the stylist to do inventory AND open the salon. See, I learn every time! I'm getting smarter!!!

It takes quite awhile just doing it singlehandedly. But once the software asks me to run audits and check for missing product, having done it myself makes for easy corrections and only myself to blame. I was in the salon for 7 1/2 JUST doing inventory. But it was done right, clean & organized and I'm one happy manager!!!

The best news of today #138 - COUNT IS CLOSED!

Yay!! Only 4 1/2 more months until I have to do it all over again. Oh well - like I said it was done right and efficiently and I'm proud. Thank you OCD.

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