Our kitchen is progressing!! I thought once the cabinets, counter-tops and appliances were in, we'd be done. Oh yeah right. Apparently plumbing was a big deal - took 2 nights of Joe working non-stop. Then I forgot the lights under the cabinets...a luxury Joe didn't want to be without. Then we've got touch up paint..(a lot of touch up)..the guys were NOT careful putting the cabinets, sink or dishwasher in. Ugh - we should have painted AFTER all that went in. The we have to put all our cookware away, organize the drawers and find the right place for everything. Plus I have some more decorating I want to do and a big must - we need to go grocery shopping!!! Our fridge has been completely empty for way too long. I actually wanted to go grocery shopping last Wednesday, but believe it or not, we've been busy EVERY night since and I haven't had time.

My #129 - WE HAVE WATER!!! (Thanks Joe for being my 'hand model.' Wish you would have been more 'pose-able' though! Hahaha)

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