We had an incredible day today!! Joe and I really cherish the time we have together - and we LOVE it when we get an entire day to be with each other. Our day started out with a dual birthday breakfast with my Mom & Kelly. This breakfast was also to celebrate my birthday that was a few weeks ago, as well as Joe's. (Time & schedules kept us from doing something around my birthday) Anyway, my mom made a wonderful breakfast and had a gorgeous table set up for us. I felt like I was eating at a 5star restaurant! After breakfast we visited out on their porch for a good few hours. It was nice, just the 4 of us. Once we left, we decided we wanted to enjoy the beauty of this afternoon weather and take our dogs for a walk. However once we got home, we were both on the tired side, so a 'walk' was out of the question. Instead, we grabbed a blanket, my camera, leftover fruit from breakfast, a few pillows, our dogs and headed to the front lawn for some relaxation time. I played fetch with Simon, for what seemed like hours. Joe slept in the shade cuddling with Lucas. It was such a warm and beautiful Spring day. (There was a little breeze, but nothing that was blowing us over...it was just perfect.)  I couldn't stop taking pictures. I don't have many pictures of my puppies - they aren't the most cooperative when I have my camera out, plus I wanted to capture the bright sunny day.

My #135's - Our wonderful day OUTSIDE and together!

Simon LOVES to roll around. I don't know if he's itching his back or trying to rub a scent on his back, but its pretty funny to watch.

The infamous green ball. I hate that thing. Can you believe that fits in his mouth? My favorite is when he runs with it in mouth. Too funny.


Lucas was on patrol all afternoon. He couldn't get comfortable, always had to see what was going on. Where Simon was, what car just drove by, the neighbor kids playing. It was literally like he was patrolling the yard.


Our freshly cut grass. KJ mowed the lawn minutes before we came outside. Looks great!

And the amazing, clear blue sky was a wonder to stare at. I caught a great glimpse of the warm sun through our trees!

Then the evening came to a close with a delicious BBQ feast with my Dad, Nancy & family. Joe was spoiled with awesome birthday presents (a hotdog cooker, waffle cone maker, an X-box Live Chat headset and gift cards). Today was a GREAT day!! Happy Birthday to Joe tomorrow!! :)

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