Joe and I made a few decisions TOGETHER tonight! When it comes to the new kitchen, its either Joe's making the decisions without me or vice versa. We just don't agree on anything!! So instead of arguing, we just make the decision and the other person has to live with it. (Harsh I know, but its how this marriage works sometimes! lol)   However, yesterday I was telling him about 2 different creative ideas I had and he LIKED THEM! A first!! We went shopping together for supplies tonight and both of us are excited to see the end result. Its going to take a lot of patience and creative juice on my part - but I'm pumped up and ready to go.

Hee hee, my secret #127. I can't wait to show you the final products!! (Yes this if fabric for project #1 and No its not being sewn or used in any way you'd be thinking of.)

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  1. Stop it! You are such a tease!You have more creativity in your little pinkie finger than I do in my whole body! I am sure whatever you do will turn out great! I just want to see!