I went shopping for my kitchen today. I have wanted to change the towels/rugs/decor for quite sometime and now with a whole new kitchen, I feel a little entitled to new things! ;)  My previously decorated kitchen was in our apartment (before this house) right after we got married. I had registered for all things CHERRY! Everything was red, all my towels had cherries on them. I even had wall decorations & plates to match. Once we moved into this house and saw that our kitchen counters were going to be ORANGE and our sink YELLOW - I just couldn't decorate...ugh! Those colors were awful and I couldn't embrace them. So I refused to decorate or make the kitchen my own - hence the photos of how it looked before. (See this Black Spot post for before pictures.) Now that I have this NEW kitchen and the colors/design is more 'modern,' I feel the "country-ish" style I had with the cherries, doesn't suit anymore.

I still have plenty of red appliances that will stay. (A blender, toaster, plenty of cookware) But everything else will be gone. Aw! I feel so refreshed already!! I also decided to add in another color to my awesomely painted red wall. I couldn't pick which color would fit best, but I landed on purple. I know, I know purple and red kind of clash - but I'm going to do it tastefully. I'm only adding purple here and there. I found some great rugs at Kohl's and then out of nowhere I found plates & bowls at Kohl's too. (I actually wasn't thinking of replacing them...but they were 60% off..I couldn't resist.) This makes me even more excited to get the kitchen completed!!

#123 - My new color inspiration for my kitchen

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