I HATE laundry days. As much as I love clean clothes - I hate the ALL day consuming task. Since we have a shared household, I only have 3 days to get laundry done. And with my work schedule, sometimes those days are just impossible. Okay..really its because I don't dedicate time of those days to get it completely done. I usually leave laundry until my last assigned day and spend as much time as possible on it. Well, in doing that, I get annoyed and lazy real easy. And here is proof of that:
#137 - "Un-Wed" socks...for time and all eternity.

In this laundry basket, my 'un-wed' socks will forever stay. The time it takes to match up socks and fold them, is time wasted in my mind. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing. Call me lazy, call me messy..I don't care. I refuse to fold socks. Besides, this full basket makes for some modern night stand decoration...right?


  1. LOL - that is too funny!! I,too, get annoyed with socks! Even if I have 8 pair of the same white socks I feel this need to try to match them up by "wear & tear" and it just gets annoying. At one point in my life I would safety pin my socks before washing them - now, I just don't really care. As long as I walk out the door with 2 socks of the same color, I'm happy!

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  3. haha, Joy!! Joe wishes I would match them up by wear & tear. He hates putting on a pair and one of them has a 'thinner' bottom than the other. And I just had to laugh at your 'safety pinning' technique. Now THAT'S time consuming!!

  4. Not as time consuming as one might think... you see, I kept the safety pins by my hamper and I would pin them as I took them off. I did this for 2 reasons: (1) it kept them in matching pairs, and (2) if the dryer got hungry, it had to eat a "pair" of socks so I never had just one lonely sock to deal with! LOL