I felt like crap today...all day. For the past week or so I've been waking up with minor neck pain. Very similar to that kinky neck pain most feel when they've slept in a weird position. I've been surprised with how many mornings I've woken up feeling that way...Joe and I decided it had to be my pillows. Maybe they weren't supporting me enough or I was too elevated. Wednesday night we decided to change how the pillows were laid out, but unfortunately Thursday morning I woke up in pain again. ((I wasn't too shocked because I was completely uncomfortable with the new pillow arrangement and didn't sleep well.) Since changing the pillows didn't work, I decided to return them to their 'normal' position and get a good nights rest Thursday night....

Welp...Today I woke up stiffer than a board. My puppy Simon woke me up at 4am to go outside...which is unusual for him...but when I tried to sit up and get out of bed, I experienced the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. It started in my upper neck and ran down my entire spine. I was immobile. I smacked Joe in my terrified state and cried for his help. He immediately jumped out of bed and to my aide. After pulling me up and out of bed, I collapsed back into a sitting position and just bawled. Once Joe came back inside with the dogs, he rubbed my neck and back to find the source - but it was so early in the morning, we were both half asleep and his 'rubbing' didn't feel good at all. In my tired/irritated state I told him to we should just go back to sleep. Easy enough for him - not so easy for me. I couldn't get comfortable; just adjusting my position was extremely painful. Its amazing how often you use your neck muscles. Muscles I've clearly taken advantage of!! I was unable to fall back asleep and after an hour of just crying in bed, I forced myself out of bed and into a hot shower. After trying to stretch it out and rubbing what I could, I realized I was a lost cause. I'm no masseuse or physical therapist. I gave up, dried off and tried to fall back asleep sitting erect in our living room recliner. It worked, thank heavens. I was able to sleep the remaining 3 hours before getting up for work. However the problem has yet to be solved. I had to get ready with this stiff neck - any sudden movements hurt like the dickens. Regular motions of doing my hair, applying make up, even getting dressed took much more time than usual. Driving to work was ridiculous...checking my blind spot was nearly impossible. Then I had to force myself to work an 8 hour shift today. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I was in constant pain ALL day, I had to work, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Here it is almost midnight. I'm still in so much pain, not knowing the actual cause. Nothing seems to work 100%, but I do have some wonderful things around me that are soothing and helping me relax. I'm really scared and nervous to go to bed. Not knowing what my REM stage will do to my body. I might have to sleep in the recliner again... :(  If the pain worsens (if thats even possible) or doesn't subside, I'm thinking a trip to the hospital is in my future. There is a possibility it isn't just a strained or kinked neck, I may have a pinched a nerve or worse slipped a disc...which is what I'm feeling it might be. Wish me luck. Ugh.

#126 - MY soothies. A "NuggleBuddy" rice bag (a godsend), Pain relief patches (they feel like icy/hot) and a few pills from my mother's own "pharmacy" stash. A few lortabs and a percocet. Thank you, good night and into my drug coma I go.

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  1. Ya know, I totally went through this about your age. Seriously debilitating pain. I went to a chiropractor, helped a little. I think the thing that helped the most was over the counter muscle relaxers. It never went on to be anything else. I have had a few problems since every once in a while a less painful episode happens but none has ever come close to that one freakish time. It did take a few days to go away.

    good luck! Love you!