I downloaded this game/app on my phone MONTHS ago. Its called Bubble Buster. I know there are many versions of this game out there, but this one became my favorite. My obsession. It has 200 levels and as soon as you get to level 200, it starts you back at level 1. I can't tell you how many times I've played all 200 levels...just over and over. However, I've had help from Joe. There were a few levels...okay lots...that I just couldn't ever pass. They were SO HARD and I would get frustrated real easy. This last 200 go-round I promised myself to finish ALL 200 by myself and then delete the app imediately. (Joe has been getting annoyed with my impatience and irritability with that game.) There were times I would play 1 level for a week straight because it was so difficult. In fact when I left for Vegas this weekend, I was on level 199. I played it about 50 times on the drive down, a few times here and there while waiting for Valet or being seated at a restaurant, then I played it about 100 times on the drive home today to finally seize victory about half way home. I was so excited!!!

The 200th level is VERY easy, so I quickly snapped a picture of my phone screen before finishing. Then, as I promised, I immediately uninstalled it from my phone. Bubble Busters is gone!! (Joe will be so happy!!) Now I have to find another addicting game to help time pass...wonder which one is up next.

My #121 - This BUBBLE has finally BURST!

Notice the 'balls' spell out the words "You Win." 
Best words I've ever heard.
Peace out Bubble Buster!!!

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