Again I'm late at posting. This weekend marks the first time I've been out of town doing this photo challenge and I have to admit - its hard! My dedication is waring. I'm afraid of the week long vacation I'll be taking in July for my family reunion. I'll be heading to a remote location with NO WiFi!!! Blasphemy!! However I had a really interesting conversation with my sisters tonight on how to get around it or still be able to post. You'll have to wait and see - I might have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I also found it hard to actually have a photo for each day. I mean I am carrying around a camera all day and snapping photos every now and then, but none with "The Photo of the Day" in mind. Yesterday was easy and again today I took many photos of my siblings and self portraits of me in these CUTE H&M sunglasses I bought yesterday. (They are light blue hearts!!) But a self portraits aren't blog worth and no offense intended...but I could find something better than pictures of my posse. They're all goofy pictures anyway. I'm in VEGAS for crying out loud - shouldn't there be something SCREAMING at me to photograph?

Well after carrying around the camera ALL day, I just now realized I barely took any. Shocker. It was a fun field day and the weather was better than yesterday, but I just didn't capture the essence of today on camera. So here is a my cheap-shot photo for tonight. I promise to do MUCH better next time I'm out of town. I need to mentally prepare for those photo challenges and hopefully come up with something much better.

Today's #120 - MYSTÈRE. We attended this show tonight and it was AMAZING. I didn't follow the storyline much..I was confused most of the time. I just don't have the imagination for the interpretative dance and over exaggeration of detail - but I did enjoy all the talent each of the performers had. OMGosh, they were incredible. The strength each of them have is mind-blowing. Definitely worth the money - Love anything by Cirque Du Soleil!!

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