Alright - I'm in Vegas. I'm a little irritated right now, because it is technically day 120 here, but this was the first chance I had to post. I had a chaoctic, crammed morning; then we drove to Vegas, to then check in to the hotel, immediately change and then head out for the night. Once we got back to the hotel 12am Utah time, I tried to log in to the hotel WiFi and I had issues for about 15 minutes. Nothing more annoying than trying to fix a problem no one seems to understand. None of my sisters could fix it, I couldn't fix it and the front desk sure didn't know anything about WiFi in the first place. (When I called to ask for WiFi instructions, I was told this hotel didn't have WiFi. I'm sorry, I'm staying at a highly rated Marriott hotel and you're telling me, in the middle of Vegas, there is no internet connection?) Of course as soon as I said 'internet' to this associate, he replied, "Oh yes, we have internet." Uh...DUH!!! But of course my laptop wouldn't connect, then I had to run down to the lobby computers, only to get down here and didn't have the right memory card....so I had to head back upstairs. Then I come down to FINALLY post and I had to wait 'my turn.' UGH!!! Can you tell I'm more than a little annoyed??????????? Now all the girls are up there sleeping and I'm posting well after midnight, NV time. This is the first time I was literally UNABLE to post the DAY OF! Okay, well there was that one post where my internet connection was down at home and I was unable to post a picture from my phone...In this case my phone is completely dead and Marriott has no idea was WiFi even means. Its freakin' 2011 Mr. Marriott. Get it together. And some of you may laugh at my dedication to stay up this late and deal with all the frustration. If that'd be the case, I guess you just don't understand how important this blog is to me and the vow I made. Silly to you, but extremely serious to me.

Okay rant over. The reason WHY I'm down here in the desert in the first place, is to celebrate my baby sister's Bride-To-Be status. We're here for a quazi 'bachelorette' party. (We have an underage bride and 2 pregnant women in the posse. There isn't much shenanigans to get into here. Oh well, us sisters are all enjoying each others company!!)   ;)  Plus I hear it was snowing back home in SLC. It isn't exactly warm here in Vegas, but it beats April snow in Utah any day. Also its REALLY windy here. I think we almost got blown over...literally...while walking from New York, New York to the parking lot. That's okay...nothing better than sexy, wind-blown hair and watery, mascara dripping eyes, right?? ;)

Now to FINALLY post my #119 (technically a day late...BUT you won't remember, right?) The Bride-To-Be and the reason for this weekend getaaway...despite the technical frustration on the first day. Hopefully by tomorrow we might have a solution.

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