I took today off to keep from going into overtime hours and what did I do? LAUNDRY!! My laundry room is still under construction so I was forced to use the local laundromat. It wasn't all bad...but something about sharing a washing machine with strangers, makes me feel like my clothes didn't actually get clean. Oh well...my laundry room is almost done! :)

I brought my camera along because my cousin's wife had some of her 'bridal session' pictures done in a laundromat and I remember thinking they were so cool & unique and I'd like to try that sometime. Well of course I didn't have people to photograph with the retro appliances, but I had fun taking pictures anyways.

There were quite a few people there when I got started, so I waited until they left to take pictures. I'm sure the people in there wouldn't have wanted to be in my pictures. Plus their kids were running around like it was a playground in there and I didn't want to trip on anyone. (Thank heavens the place provided hand sanitizer...ugh after seeing & smelling the kids in there, all I wanted was to get home and shower asap!)

I had fun playing around with my black & white feature on my Rebel having never used it before. And I haven't charged my battery in over a month, so my camera died after the 10th photo.I couldn't look at what I had taken or didn't have time to get much....good thing there are a few good shots!!

#103's - Erica's play time at the local Laundromat!!