Well today was a bad day. I'm incredibly irate, due to a 'temporary' medication and I just can't stand to be around people today. I bit my husband's head off at least 4 times today...luckily I warned him about the side effects of this pill and he's being very patient. ;)

On my way home from work, my stomach was in knots. (Partly because I hadn't eaten all day and also because the frustration of the day was literally making me nauseous.) Joe asked me to pick up dinner yet again. This is the MAIN thing I hate about having my kitchen under construction: we eat out EVERY night! Ugh, its awful and I'm pretty sure I've gained weight - Great, another thing for me to be ornery about. Well anyway, as I was browsing through the grocery store NOTHING sounded good to me. I ended up just calling Joe and told him to eat frozen burritos tonight because nothing....oh.....wait....I walked through produce department and there were big, plump STRAWBERRIES! Okay Joe, you warm up your dinner, I'm getting strawberries for me!!

They didn't taste as good as they looked, but nothing a little sprinkle of sugar couldn't cure! (Can't help my waistline either...dang it.) Oh well, if they didn't taste great they sure photographed well.

#98 - Beautiful spring strawberries that literally looked too good to eat!


  1. But your strawberry picture is yours and beautiful! I swiped mine off the internet! Love ya girl!

  2. We have some too. Maybe you can help us eat them on Sunday.