I purchased this new piece of jewelry online, just last week. I was super pumped to see my new ring in the mail today!! I found this site from my Aunt Amie's blog 'Mamie's Treasures.' She saw some of the jewelry pieces at a boutique and posted a link. Of course as soon as I clicked on this site I was in love!! Some of the 'food' pieces I wouldn't wear myself, but I know so many that would.  You should definitely check it out!! I actually bought this ring, a different tea-cup ring and a key hole necklace. It was a selfish little splurge and I don't feel one bit guilty! ;) Thanks Amie for posting that link!!

#101 - Another excuse for my family to call me the British Grandma

Thanks Andee, for being my model


  1. Ok, seriously that is sooooo cute! I love ya Red. Thanks for the shout out!