#94 - My insulated wall...with NO SHEET ROCK!

The last 36 hours of my life have been based on the preparation for "Operation - Kitchen Sheet Rock."
- my room mates laundry schedule was effected,
- an expensive trip to Lowe's was priority
- we had to do some major rewiring and & added a few extra plugs to the walls
- plus we had to stay up late [1am] until the last load of laundry was done.
Well.... all that happened and guess what? Sheet rock didn't! :(

I was telling my friend Elizabeth that I should be grateful so much has already been done. We only started this project a month ago and we've had some great progress. I should be happy the plumber & the HVAC guys came over, finished the job AND are all now paid for. I should be pleased with the progress so far. I AM..really I am.  Its just sooooo inconvenient, to plan your WHOLE life around a certain activity that is supposed to happen at a specific time and then to have it be pushed back!?!?!  ALL that hard work we crammed into 1 day could have been spread out a little more AND with less stress.  Now I have to worry about my 'already made' plans tomorrow [my day off] effecting the time when this guys decides to show up. Oh no sir, if I waited for you - you can wait for me.

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