I was invited to tag along to my sisters engagement photos. We know the photographer pretty well and he doesn't mind other cameras being there. So I decided to take this opportunity to shadow a professional!! This guy got some great shots - excellent poses and backgrounds. I was really impressed. I snapped as many photos as I could...but since I was always to his side or a few feet away, my sister & her fiancĂ© weren't ever looking straight into my lens. Oh well. I did get some great shots of the poses where they are looking at each other or purposely away from the camera! ;)

We went out to the Great Salt Lake and the Saltair building. This actually marked my FIRST time at the Great Salt Lake. I've lived here 29 years and I've never set foot on the beach before. Most of you know, it isn't the greatest and it stinks real bad, but nonetheless, it was exciting!!! Plus I got to enjoy this wonderful moment with my sister & future bro-in-law. How could I pass up this chance??

Here are a few of my favorites from tonight. Remember, I wasn't the photographer, so I didn't have the best angle, lighting or 'looks,' but I'm pretty satisfied and I know Jessica loves them. Believe it or not, but I actually had my Rebel AND my dad's 40D around my neck most of the time and was shooting with both simultaneously.  I know for a fact there are many more poses on his camera, ESPECIALLY in the train car.... Dang it - oh well, here are a few #118 - Cory & Jessica's engagement photos.

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