I had the best birthday! I was reluctant to celebrate this year (technically I didn't celebrate) but I did receive quite a bit-o-love on facebook and via text messages. (Thank you dad for ALL 29 'Happy Birthday' messages.)

It was a great day with little excitement. The biggest [and best] part of my night was picking up the kitchen parts from IKEA! We got a spectacular deal on counter-tops & cabinets. Plus we also got a sink, faucet, dishwasher, microwave AND range!! They had a sale going on, if you spent a certain amount of money, you got 20% off your entire kitchen. So naturally, we ordered everything to make it that certain amount just to get 20% off! HAHA!!!!

We went to IKEA at 7:30. (They close at 9)  Joe had previously been to IKEA and custom designed our kitchen with one of their designers, so we had everything all set up and should have been able to just hand over our username and pick up everything. Well...they're computer was having glitches...just our luck...and needed our Order# instead of the username. Of course we left that paper at home and couldn't reach our roommates for quite awhile to get the information. So while we waited for the computers to get back up and running, I took my mom & Kelly on a stroll through IKEA. They had never been before. Joe stayed with the designers trying to 'recreate' our design from scratch. Finally by 8:45, we heard from our roommates & the computer were up so all we had to do was double check the order. But once we paid for it, we had to head to the loading area where we waited 45 minutes for them to bring all 63 boxes up front (sans the dishwasher, they have to order that). Then we had to double check all the boxes to the receipt - then loaded up 2 truck beds and headed home by 10:30. Wow. It was a long evening at IKEA. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! My entire kitchen is divided up in 63 boxes in my garage.

#110 - Best birthday present ever!! Now to only assemble it...I'll leave that to Joe! ;)

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  1. Joy told me I had to check out your edible bouquet she got you. Looked yummy! I wish you the best of luck getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy when it happens. I am sorry you are struggling. Also the kitchen remodel is looking great. Happy late birthday! You are still so young! BTW I love my haircut this time. It is growing out well and I have come to an understanding with my bangs, we get along better now, lol. Thanks for being such a great friend to my sis! Gotta love her! Amy (Joy's sis)