I received a special notification in the mail.
My #115 - Congratulations on 5 years!

Well as proud as I am of the 5 years I've been working for Smart Style, I'm a little annoyed by this letter. Its a standard, form letter with no personalization or individuality. Basically some computer figured out that I've been working there for over 260 weeks and printed out this automated letter, mailed it, hoping to reach me with a big smile on my face and make my heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Guess what, it didn't. It only makes me more irritated that I'm a 'nobody' in this big ol' corporation that loves to nit-pick my every wrong doing. I guess that is feeling most people, that work for a corporation, have. It reminds a little of Peter Gibbons from Office Space. Sure the salon environment is different that an office surrounded with cubicles, but the chain of command is much the same. Theres always a man that demands perfection when its unreachable. Wants better results when I'm doing my best. And one that sends out a stupid memo that really doesn't matter to anyone who receives it. Damn the man!

Okay, rant over. I'm off my soapbox and truly and PROUD of the 5 years I've put into Smart Style (which by the way, I reached almost 2 months ago and just barely got this letter.) Thank you "John"/computer for noticing...but my pride is better recognized by my own pat on the back than this stupid congratulatory letter.

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