I have many pictures to post today. Of course I took 1 picture, but a million things also came up that deserved a picture! :)

So I'll just post a small note with each picture and give it the 'props' it deserves.

Here are my MANY #109's:

First - I have been lucky enough to have met some clients at work that have turned out to be sincere and loyal friends. Joy, Misti, Lynda & Paul - there are many. They are each very kind to me in their own special ways and I couldn't be more grateful to now call them friends instead of clients. So here is my first #109, my FRIEND Joy came to get her hair colored this evening and brought me this beautiful (& delicious) edible bouquet. I have always wanted one of these AND some of the fruit were covered in chocolate..Mmmm....my favorite!!! Thank you Joy! (Oh and Joy, yes this was my first picture!)

Second - I hurried home to see my new red wall (My mom painted it while I was at work) and I found this in the kitchen! She only had time for the 2 coats on the ceiling and just one coat on the red wall.....and I guess she found time to wish me a happy birthday for tomorrow. Aw!!! My second #109 - a shout out from my mom!

Third - I HAD to post a picture of the red wall. We decided to paint it the wrong red color first as a 'primer' just to cover up the white primer before the correct red went on top. (If you are confused about the wrong/correct red, place refer to post #107). My mom only painted 1 coat of the wrong read, hence the uneven coverage. BUT she slapped on a few brush strokes of the correct red just so I could see the difference. SO GLAD my sister Jessica was so thoughtful with her birthday gift. The darker, correct red is much MUCH better. My third #109 - my BRIGHT red wall...soon to be deep red wall.

And finally my fourth picture today. I also came home to a 'Birthster' gift. (Birthday & Easter) If you haven't read The Black Spot post about Joe and I trying to get pregnant, than please read here. Well I've been extremely discouraged as of late...especially because the doctor bills and test have been super expensive. Not to mention these ovulation tests. UGH! Well my sister Andee put together this Easter basket with 3 boxes of ovulations test, some Easter candy and a really sweet letter.  I'm feeling incredibly loved this evening. Even being discouraged and unhappy with ongoing pregnancy disappointment, there are so many people out there that care about me and love me. This blog & all the pictures are proof of that. I'm so lucky!!! My final #109 - a little proof of the love & friendship 2 sisters share. Thank you Andee!

I'm overwhelmed with love.


  1. Man - your phone takes great pictures!! I'm glad that you were overwhelmed with love today and I hope it continues tomorrow! You are AWESOME! Let's plan to get together soon - dinner, movies, smoothies, whatever!

  2. Duh... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY... you don't look a day over 29! LOL

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you are having a good one so far!! :)