My mom treated my 2 sisters and I to pedicures & dinner this evening. Kalie, Andee & I are headed to VEGAS this weekend with my stepmom Nancy and my sisters Robyn and Jessica (We're meeting my sister Brittany there). We're going down to celebrate the bride-to-be, Jessica, with an ALL GIRLS weekend! Of course with Vegas [hopefully] comes warm weather - which then brings FLIP FLOPS! My mom decided to have her own girls night out tonight and spoiled us. It was AWESOME! Nothing like a good foot soak & rub with fantastic nail polish to finish. (I'm hoping for some pool time, relaxation, a good show and fun company.) Here we go Vegas, here we go!

My #117 - THANKS MOM!!

(cell phone pic)

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  1. Sweet I've made it to the blog again. First it was my chest, now it's my feet! I would suggest we play guess the foot but our tattoos give us away! The best part is watching you squirm because you're so ticklish!