Joe and I had a GREAT evening. We were invited to play BINGO with some friends at a local church. I haven't ever played BINGO in my adult life, so both of us were intrigued. I was told to eat before I came and to bring soda/snacks to munch on if I wanted. We stopped by 7-Eleven on the way, got fountain drinks and some Tootsie-pop suckers (a fave) to share with the group. Once we arrived, I was completely surprised to see hoards of people grouping together on different tables, piles of snacks in the middle of the table (including extensive fruit trays, shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, lemon squares and tuna-melt sandwiches!) Plus part of the group we sat by were 'drinkers' and this one guy was cracking me up with his "stash!" (Having your own alcohol there is frowned upon, so you have to keep it hidden.) He was mixing drink for everyone!! I swear he had a mini bar under the table. He had cups, mixing drinks, wine, alcohol in water bottles and even ice. I wouldn't have been surprised if he pulled out a martini shaker and olives!!!

I was also surprised by how intense the whole thing is. It isn't just BINGO (getting 5 in a row), there were MANY rounds and different patterns to get. Plus there were separate boards we would use between each round to try and win a whole separate prize. It was kind of confusing, but the "Caller" explained each round, so we were able to follow along. **Of course gambling is illegal in Utah, so we played for "points," which in turn were giving out in dollars...weird, I know.**

There were many people with multiple sheets and were "dabbing" like crazy...they needed FULL concentration!!! Joe and I tried multiple sheets, but for the first time it was a little overwhelming and I started going cross-eyed looking over each of them. However, we had a great time meeting new people, cracking jokes, snacking on yummy food....PLUS...I won one of the "Blackout" rounds and collected 150 points...err...$150!!!!! Heck yes! Not bad for my first time. ;)  BINGO is the first Friday of every month and I think they've got 2 new members. It was a randomly unique evening and ended up fantastic!! Thank you Misti (& Charlene) for the invite - I appreciate the personal 'call out' on my bad moods as of late...dragging me out tonight was the best medicine!

#91's - Joe's sheets and my winning card WITH my winnings!!!!

I bought 2 dabbler's tonight and of course mine was RED!
Guess it was good luck!!


  1. I WILL be joining you next time you go, even if I'm not invited! :)

  2. Well we do think of you as an old British nanny so I guess you finding and developing a love for this activity was just inevitable. Contests on the big win. Can I borrow $150?? We may have to check this put too!