My sister Andee brought her girls in to my work for a visit this afternoon! The twins don't have much hair; what looks like peach fuzz is actually the coarsest, most wirey hair I've ever seen on babies. Its super thin too, so I'm hoping they'll lose this hair eventually and grown in something of better quality. Avie has grown a few 'tails' that we had to get rid of. (Basically just a bunch of hair growing into a bunch, so its darker than the rest and stands out.) I decided to trim a little bit of it, so it looks normal. Then I decided to add a little curler to the top of their heads, where they have the most hair. It didn't curl, even with product, but I tried. As their hairstylist-for-life, I'm praying they get some better hair as they continue to grow!

#104 - This is what you get for coming to visit Auntie Erica! (sorry, cell phone pic & its lousy!)

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  1. What a cute picture & they both have that look like "Aunt Erica, what is in my hair?!" haha. So cute.