I've mentioned before how much I love my job, but I'm going to say it again. I love my job!! Not only do I love the creative part, but hair in general just fascinates me. All the different types & textures...colors, condition and length. Its all so interesting!

I had this cute 13 year old come in today, determined to cut enough length off, so she could donate to "Locks of Love." (If you are interested more in Locks of Love or want to know how to donate, click here)

It is such a selfless act and very admirable...especially coming from a 13 year old. As usual, I tied the hair into a tight ponytail and cut just above the elastic. (Minimum hair length for donation must be 10inches, tip to tip.) Anyway, our salon isn't affiliated with Locks of Love like some other salons, so we don't actually send in the hair. That is the customers job. In todays case, I specifically asked if I could send it in, because I also wanted to include her "ponytail" in my photo challenge. My customer was so excited to not only donate to a great cause, but to also be included in this public challenge. (I gave her my blog address so she could see this post. Here's your shout out Bailey - thanks again, you're the coolest 13 year old I know!!)

My room mates AND my husband found it very peculiar that I brought home someone else's hair. They didn't even want to touch it, I told them it was clean, but they were still hesitant. But to me, hair is hair. I touch it all day, everyday...I'm definitely NOT one of those people that is grossed out by hair or finding it places it shouldn't be. That just comes with the territory I guess. But once I got the 'ponytail' home, I set up a mini photo shoot! It was fun playing with it and sticking my fingers through it. This 13 year old took really good care of her hair - besides a few broken ends, the hair felt incredibly strong and healthy. Plus it was ALL NATURAL! In my business, its very rare to see non-chemically treated hair. (Usually just young kids [under 16] are all natural.) Check out my photos. Again I HAD to post a few. The ponytail was just too cool!!

#96's - My new inspiration.  New goal - growing out my hair so I can donate as well. I have a long way to go, but it will be so rewarding. THANKS BAILEY!!


Come on, isn't that so cool looking?? Look how DENSE that is!


  1. Um, excuse me?! This blog may need some editing. I don't believe I was at all hesitant to touch it. I dove right in. KJ was at first, but did after it was clean! Love the last picture.. really cool!

  2. Locks of Love is such a great charity to help people look better and feel better about themselves when they are perhaps at the worst point in their lives. I admire anyone willing to spend all the time and trouble to grow out their hair just to give it away.