Another great online purchase arrived today. I LOVE getting things in the mail!

The company I work for has an incentive program where you can exchange your 'incentive points' (earned by hitting monthly goals) for all kinds of different things. The online site has tools ranging from shears to flat irons, apparel to clips & combs. Anything you can think of a hair dresser using, this online catalog offers it. In fact, thanks to this program, 4 pairs of 5 my shears were free! (I got a pair for almost $200 for FREE!!) My salon has been doing very well and hit our goals every month - so my stylists and I are reaping the benefits! I log-on to the incentive website a least 3 times a month to see what 'new' items they offer.

Of course being employed through this company for over 5 years, I have spent so many thousands of incentive points on tools!  Now that I have all my great tools, I've been spending my points on silly things. (I ordered a cute "Stylists Rock" key chain last month and this month I bought a T-shirt with a pair of hair shears on it  and it reads "Don't try this at home." Haha...makes me laugh every time!) I have also used my points to buy my stylists things when they go above and beyond at work. I have 2 girls that have been with me over a year, so I used my points to get them both a Swarovski crystal bracelet!  Its great fun and one of the reasons I love this company.

Along with the 'silly' things I've been purchasing, I give you my #102 - My (Love - Peace - Style) water bottle!! (I also bout a T-shirt that says the same thing!) Like I said, silly - but cute!!

Plus it came with an extra straw - hence the two inside! ;)

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  1. I love buying cute silly things like that! How fun!