Back story: Our friend Daniel sold us his 1971 Chevy Nova about 4 years ago. Its was a "project" car for sure and Joe spent many weekend hours, restless nights and quite a bit of money trying to fix it up. We bought it after it had been sitting outside, uncovered for over 5 years and it had been in an accident and needed work. Needless to say, I thought it was a lemon to begin with...but what do I know about muscle cars?

After a few years of  "supe-ing" it up, Joe decided it was too much work and it was time to sell it. Once Dan heard Joe wanted to sell it, he couldn't bare to see it go to someone else, so Dan offered to buy it back. Dan bought it to keep for his son to have once he was 16...but I guess his son did something that made Dan change his mind on holding it for him. Dan's dad offered to buy it to hold for his other son that was serving an LDS mission, however, once the missionary heard about it, he said he didn't want it when he came home. Dan's dad put it back on the market and asked for Dan to keep it at his house until it sold.  Haha...its just hilarious how the Nova gets passed around back and forth. I'm surprised Joe didn't want to buy it back. (I'm sure my discontent was 1 of the reasons)

Joe and Dan get together and share stories of the Nova, daydream about fixing it up and all the power it 'could' have. Its like a little treasure they both have a soft spot for. They just can't seem to say goodbye to that car, They'd rather pass it around to friends or family so they'll be able to see it again. Plus, they will be able to see first hand how its being treated and fixed up.

Well low and behold a few months go buy with it just sitting in Dan's driveway and my step-brother Carl expresses some interest. After weeks of phone calls, test drives and mechanic bids, Carl decided to purchase the precious Nova. Of course both Dan & Joe were happy he wanted it, because again, its stays in the family.

Anyway, enough back story. Carl came to pick it up tonight, so I had to take a few last pictures before it drove away. We were joking that in a year or so, Carl is going to put it up for sale and both Joe & Dan will fight to buy it back. Haha...if that thing ends up in my driveway ever again...I might have to punch something.

#59 - the infamous NOVA. I'm pretty sure it will be ours again some day.

My picture today SHOULD have been the sad faces on both Dan & Joe as the Nova drove away. They both had their hands in their pockets with their heads down. Looked like 2 little boys!!



Tonight was the Snow family annual Oscar party! I'm going to take full credit here, but I was the one that started this tradition in the first place. I believe this was our 5th or 6th year getting together and ur family group gets bigger and bigger each year. There were 10 of us competing this year.

Anyway, just like the Golden Globes in January, we all pick our favorite nominee's and select our personal winners. Then we tally up the sheets after the awards to see who won.  We have a mock Oscar statue that we pass around each year, along with a bag full of goodies. The rule is, whoever wins, has to give up the statue and supply the gift for next years winner. My sister Kalie won this year. This being her 2nd year participating. I'm not sure if she "researched" the nominees or if they were all just educated guesses, but she got 18 out of 24 right. Way to go Kalie!

Its a good time just being with the family and its fun to add a little friendly competition! Many debates and laughs usually come along with it...so its always a good time.

#58 - THE coveted statue.

*I would just like to point out again that this was my idea...I supplied the very first gift and I HAVEN'T won since. Each year I think will be "MY" year...but I haven't been lucky yet. That statue will be mine one day. Maybe next year will be my year.



Its that time again - GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!

We ordered through a friend and our goodies were delivered this afternoon. We ordered the faves, Thin Mints and Samoas, but we also ordered Thank You Berry Much and the Trefoils (shortbread ones).

Pretty sure we're set for summer. The best summer treat is frozen Thin Mints. YUMMY! But my most favorite are the Samoas!!

Yummy #57 - Go Girls Scouts of America!



Oooh!! I was super lucky to get this shot! I was driving [eek!] and holding my cell towards the drivers side window. I totally wasn't focused on the road...and was on the freeway going over 65mph!!!  I was a danger to all for that brief moment - but the picture HAD to be taken!

The sun and the shapes of the clouds were so PERFECT! It looked like a meteor was landing and starting to explode. Joe says it looks like the beginning scene of a good sci-fi flick. Haha, only my husband!

My stellar #56 - a dip into Sci-Fi.
(It was awesome to watch the clouds and light change the further North I drove. - so glad I had my cell camera ready to go. It was like that for only a moment!!)



Wow, I had a long hair moment today. I've been growing my hair out since last April and most of the time, it DRIVES ME CRAZY! Ugh. Its annoying and I never know what to do with it. I try to make it look nice every day, but I'm running out of options. I've entered the 'blah' phase. Yay me! :(

Anyway, as soon as I got home from work this evening, my hair was buggin'! I tried to pull it back in a pony tail, but I needed bobby-pins for the sides and I COULDN'T FIND ANY! I'm a freakin' hair dresser and I couldn't find a single bobby pin anywhere. ERR!

Well good thing I had 2 elastics. I was able to pull up 2 piggy-tails!

#55 - Long hair moment. PIG TAILS!



CRACKER BARREL for dinner!! It was yummy!!!!

They have a 'gift shop' next to the restaurant and I LOVE all the things they sell. Retro candy, hand-crafts, random old country CD's, clothing, kids toys...they sell anything and everything!

Here are a few pictures of my 2 favorite sections. The old style candies and the awesome rocking chairs outside. THE BEST!

#54 - The randomness at Cracker Barrel



My ABSOLUTE favorite drink is Snapple Iced Tea (Raspberry or Peach). I can't get enough of it!! Its my one grocery luxury I allow myself...they are pretty pricey for a bottled drink. (I was extremely lucky on my trip to the grocery store yesterday. The 6 packs were $2 cheaper! I finally caught them on sale and decided to clean them out!)

Anyway, my love for Snapple is noticeable all over my house. Especially during the week, when I stink at cleaning. I end up finding empty or half drank bottles EVERYWHERE! My night stand, the dresser, kitchen counter, coffee table, car cup holder, bathroom shelf, buffet table...pretty much anywhere.

Tonight as I opened my first of the night, I read the "Real Fact" under the lid. (All Snapples have a silly, unknown facts underneath each lid.) Most of the time I forget to read them, but tonight I needed words of wisdom. Mine was quite interesting, so I got up and decided to find any empty bottles and collect their lids; in hopes of gaining the insight I needed. However, I cleaned up just a few days ago and I was only able to find 2 empty bottles. Lucky, Joe was drinking his 2nd of the day, so i collected 5 lids. Of course none of the facts were words I desperately needed to read...but still 'facts' I didn't already know!

My #53 - Real Facts thanks to Snapple.

Did you know?

#683 - Snails have teeth
#742 - Over half of the world's geysers are found in Yellowstone National Park
#775 - Bees are born fully grown
#837 - The most widely-eaten fruit in America is the banana
#867 - Franklin Roosevelt was related to 5 U.S. Presidents by blood and 6 by marriage

A little 'unnecessary' education never hurt anyone!



I got a wonderful surprise this evening! We had my sister Jessica & her fiancĂ© Cory over for dinner tonight. We ordered a BUNCH of Chinese food and Joe was sent to pick it up. When he brought it home, I started unpacking the take-out carrying case and found a box hidden box amongst the food containers. It was one of those special velvety boxes!!!

#52 - my sweet surprise! 

Joe bought me this "un-Valentine's Day" gift. Haha, he's so funny! It was completely unexpected and incredibly sweet! I LOVE HIM!!!

Thanks Joe!!



Happy Birthday to Robyn & Tyson Pew!!

We got together as a family to celebrate the 2 birthdays this week. (Tyson's is on Feb 24th & Robyn's is on the 26th.) Dinner was at The Old Spaghetti Factory - a family favorite, plus its caters to BIG parties!! And with our 15 +2 high chairs, we need a lot of room! ;)

With the present Joe & I got for Tyson, we added this really cool bow I found at Target. I HAD to make it my picture for today...to commemorate the birthday festivities! Of course it looks much cooler in person, but I still like the way the picture turned out.

#51 - Happy Birthday Rob & Ty - love you guys!



Wow, what a milestone. I've made it all the way to day 50. Only 315 more to go!! Haha!!

As you saw a few days ago I posted a picture of my nice, clean-shaven husband. Well today I was lucky enough to have him as a customer in my salon this afternoon...to cut his hair!!! Yay me! I was so excited - I've been wanting to cut that mop off his head for months!

Unfortunately...he had another plan. Yes, he wanted me to cut it, but he wanted something specific... Well I'll let you be the judge.

My special #50 - Joe and his "new" look. Major 1989 flashback! ;)

Haha, can I just tell you how much I love my husband? I love his quirkiness, ALL his Joe-ism's, his bizarre sense of humor and his completely unique personality. I truly am the luckiest girl in the world! Be jealous - I get to walk around with Mr. Mullet for the next few weeks...WITH a huge smile on my face!



I've been sick the past few days..yucky. My stylist at work were cool enough to let me stay home last night and then shorten my shift today by 2 hours so I could rest up and get better. My doctor gave me some cough syrup with codeine in it to take at night. I took 2 tablespoons last night and I was OUT!

I pretty much slept through the night with only a few interruptions. But after Joe left early this morning, I was able to sleep until noon without waking up!!!

I definitely needed a good nights rest. Thank you girls for being cool with me coming in late. I still feel sick, but I'm doing much better. Ah. I hate being sick, but I should be on the mend soon.

#49 - Sleeping late while sick...just bliss!

Excuse the bad picture...I took it with my phone. It was literally the first thing I did when I woke up.



Easter candy is out and in full force!! I found me some of my favorite treats today....Cadbury Creme Eggs!!!! I don't know what it is about these things, but they are pretty much Heaven-Wrapped-In-Tin-Foil...with the occasional leaky-stickyness! ;)  There are many people who disagree and think the creme is gross...but its my favorite part. Mmmmmm....

Of course I have to limit myself...but they ARE a temptation.

My #48's - the creme eggs...in all stages of their glory! (Thanks for being my model again Andee)




I have nothing to say...other than HE SHAVED!!! I thought that nasty goatee would be in my life forever! (Now I just need to work on that long shaggy hair. Oh well, one thing at a time.)

#47 - Clean-shaven



Today was gorgeous day! I'm loving this "semi-spring." Of course its supposed to storm this weekend...but I definitely am enjoying it while it lasts. 

On my way home from work this evening, the sunset was just breathtaking! I was so happy I had my camera handy! (Thank you $8 satchel from ROSS I bought just yesterday.) I whipped out my camera in my work parking lot and took like 20 pictures of just sky. There were just so many good angles!!  Only a little bit of clouds, but the clouds were very thin and smoky looking.  In this photo, it looks like I may have caught a bird up high; I could have photo-shopped it out, but the imperfectness makes it perfect.

Happy 55 degrees in SLC today everyone! Here's my #46



Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers & stalkers!!

I'm not big on this holiday and thankfully Joe isn't either. So instead of posting pictures of us together, the presents we didn't buy or moments that show our deep love for each other, I thought I'd post a picture of my daily reminder of the beautiful commitment we made to each other.

My wedding ring and my commitment band.

Silly to have 2? Not in my case. I absolutely LOVE my wedding ring. The fact that Joe himself picked it out and in a conspiracy with my father, they upgraded the diamond together. This ring means a lot to me and because of that, I was in need of a stand in. My commitment band.

With being a hairstylist, my hands are constantly soaking in water, covered in everything from mousse, hairspray, gels, glues, color, wax, perm solutions, chemicals, what-have-you and I didn't want my ring to suffer. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to clean gel remnants out of each little crevice. Its a pain, the ring never looks shiny and I hate thinking I might be ruining it. A year ago, after wearing a random ring on my hand each day, I decided to have a ring made that symbolizes why I wear a ring in the first place. I found a website online and my dream was created. Instead of wearing any ring on that finger (which I've done for so long) on my birthday in 2010, I started wearing my commitment band. Its just a white gold band, with JOSEPH engraved on the outside and our favorite Disney love song "So This Is Love," from Cinderella, engraved on the inside.

Depending on when I'm at work or out on date-night, will decide which ring I wear. But each ring is significant to me and the amazing marriage I'm proud to be apart of. Everyone knows how much I love Joe. Now I have a ring just as special as the one he gave me 6 years ago. Its one with his name, literally, all over it! And any stranger I meet will see that I am taken and committed! (Whether its sparkling or not!)

#45 - My daily reminders of the everlasting commitment I made, to one special guy!
Happy Valentine's Day Joseph!!!

(See how battered up the band is? Its a good thing I don't wear my wedding ring all the time.)



Today is the day before Valentine's Day. We got to spend the evening with my family and we're treated to my favorite restaurant, BONSAI! (Thank you, thank you Dad & Nancy.) Plus my grandparents are in town this weekend and tonight was the only night I was able to see them. It was great visiting with them and having a deep "girl chat" with Nancy, Jessica and Grandma. Tonight was awesome.

My #44, a lovely dinner at Bonsai, celebrating Love All Around.
Happy [day before] Valentine's!!

I was in a hurry before dinner and FORGOT MY CAMERA! Err!!!
and then my phone battery died. Ugh!!! 
So I had to use Joe's cell phone camera and his, well...sucks! (as you can tell!)  I'll do better next time.



Forgive the LARGE  / UP-CLOSE picture of myself, but I didn't know another way to really showcase the reason behind the photo.

I 're-pierced' my nose. And....it.... HURT! I think worse than the first time.

A little over 2 months ago, I decided I didn't want it anymore -most people didn't notice it anyway. And once I got rid of it, again, no one noticed until I mentioned it.

There were a few people in my inner circle that were totally against me getting it pierced from the get go...even when I was a teenager and wanted it badly. They just shook their heads when I finally got it at age 26. Once I took it out, they didn't even notice a difference. Even the friends that were so pumped for me to get it in the first place, didn't pay attention. Oh well, the piercing was for ME not anyone else, right?

Well I took it out back in December..for what I thought would be forever...guess not. After going through some photos yesterday, I realized that my BIG SCHNOZZ actually looks better with the piercing. So I jumped up to look for a nose stud...meaning not sharp...and re-poked the hole. OUCHIE! After sleeping on it and bumping it many times today, I'm starting to rethink this idea. Its so sore!! Let's see if I can make it a few more days.

#43 - My new/old nose piercing!

Dang - my nose is big!!! The decoration helps minimize right?? Or does it draw attention??



Joe and I had an incredible evening. Lots of conversations and oh so much laughter!! 

We were invited to celebrate our friend Paul's birthday! (Some of you might remember the "Disco Party" we attended this time last year, which was for Paul's 40th Surprise Party...I blogged about it on my personal blog. You can refresh your memory here.)

This year, we went to Tepanyaki (a Japanese steakhouse) for dinner and had some great laughs. Then part of the group went to a movie afterwards. We saw "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. It was a GREAT flick!! So hilarious! I was crying tears of laughter at some points.

I am so grateful Paul & Lynda have come into my life. They are the most genuine friends I think I've ever had. They are caring, thoughtful, funny and personable. I know they care for me deeply - I'm reminded each time I get a text from Lynda or a surprise visit from both of them at my salon. Lynda makes me feel special, appreciated and HEARD. I know we'll be friends for life. Plus Joe loves them too and they've introduced us to some great people!!  I'm so lucky.

Thank you Paul & Lynda! You are truly amazing people and I couldn't have asked for better friends. I love you dearly.




Everyone has a favorite type of fruit right? Not just the basics, oranges, apple, grapes. I mean more 'specifically.' My favorite apples are Jonagold's. (just found out they are pronounced 'John-a-gold,' but I've always said 'Jonah-gold'...whatever tomato - tamotto) I also like Pink Ladies and Macintosh apples. When it comes to grapes, I prefer black grapes. Costco sells the best ones during the summer. Red/purple are good to...but I'm not a green grape fan.
And now, I'm a fan of Cara Cara oranges. I used to LOVE Clementine's, but I have found something better.

What are Cara Cara oranges?

Cara Cara oranges are a special cultivar of a navel orange which are distinguished by their rosy flesh. Depending on the orange, the color may range from a pinkish to a deep red, much like that of the grapefruit. Unlike grapefruits, however, CaraCara Oranges are very low in acid, with a naturally sweet flavor.
AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Who knew I was such a picky FRUIT eater?

Thank you Andee & Kelly for introducing this new treat into my life. (Apparently you can find large ones at Costco...the ones I picked up were quite small. But good nonetheless.)

#41 - my new favorite orange



I had an appointment with my therapist today. I've been seeing my therapist for 10 years now and I look forward to every session. As I waited in her "waiting area", I looked at all her Valentine Decorations. Judy's "office" is actually a 2 bedroom apartment. It is fully furnished with a bed, couch, dining table & chairs. Looks like someone could live there, even though no one does. The kitchen is full of pots & pans, stocked fridge and pantry..I'm guess she's cooks lunches and dinners there when she stays late. The waiting area is what would be a living room and the "session" room is in the 2nd bedroom which just has two comfy, rocking chairs and decorations in it. Its a very casual setting - nothing like the therapy sessions I've seen on TV or in movies. No chaise lounges, no desk, library of books or modern decor. Is "homey."

Her decorating style is somewhat similar to how a Grandma would decorate. (Must be the generation.) But there are antiques, 80's style furniture, year old candy laying about in cute dishes and knick-knacks GALORE! Plus she is always changing things around for the major holidays. Its quite amusing.

Today as I was waiting, I did some looking around and noticed her buffet table had these cute, red-jeweled hearts laying about. I decided to form them into a bigger heart & snapped a photo. All her knick-knacks make for great photography. She has OCD pretty bad - everything is neat, tidy and in 'its' place. I love it! (Oh and I made sure to mess up the heart after I was done. Wouldn't want her OCD to flare up!)

#40 - Symbolism of the heart my therapist has healed. Time and time again.



#39 - I was bored...

 Or as my family calls them, "smiss-shmashios." (Thank you Mickey's Christmas Carol)
And yes, I ate all of those by myself.

Don't judge.



Mondays are the day I start my wash for the week. Living in a shared household, my "assigned" laundry days are Mon, Tues & Wed. Its so nice to have a few days to get it ALL done. However, unlike my usual 'Monday-Care-Free-Schedule, I had to work this morning and that threw everything off balance. I needed to get laundry started as soon as I got home from the salon...but I was exhausted and it didn't seem to be atop my priority list. (Playing with the twins and hanging out with my room mates was more important apparently!)

Well the night got away from me and all the sudden, here it is 10pm and I just decided to throw in my first load. To my amusement, I found out my laundry detergent is almost gone! I have just enough for 2...yes 2 loads. I guess its a good thing I put it off because it doesn't look like I would have gotten much done anyways..

#37 - I benefit from my own procrastination. Guess I know whats on the grocery list for tomorrow!



I posted a few pictures from my photo shoot earlier today. I've played around in photoshop pretty much all afternoon. Until of course the Superbowl & Glee!! (Yay PACKERS!!! So pumped they won!!...and a little disappointed in Glee. Its been on hiatus for so long...I was hoping for better. Oh well.)

Anyway, I thought I'd post yet another picture of the handsome little boy, I had the privilege of photographing.  He wasn't the most cooperative, but hey, he's only 5. He did have fun playing in the dirt and running around...and that made it worth it.

I've been looking forward to this shoot all week and I woke up SO HAPPY when I saw the weather wasn't snowing, but overcast. Just perfect!!! (Snow was "supposed" to be in the forecast for the entire weekend. But I didn't see any!)  It couldn't have gone better. I just can't wait until I'm asked again. Anyone want photos? I sure had a good time!!!

#37 - my inspiration. Love you little guy. Thanks for smiling...some of the time!

Sneak peak for Jesse Hansen (5yrs)

It was cold, but I couldn't have asked for better lighting. Little Jesse wasn't too excited to get his pictures done, but he was a good sport. We got some good "family" shots as well - might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone, right?


So bummed this one is out of focus...but maybe thats a good thing! :)

Hope you like them Kalie. I have MANY more to go through, but this was your sneak peak!



This is my husband. And yes, he thinks this looks good. 
How lucky am I? 
(Thankfully a night IN is on the agenda!)

My #36 - Mellow-Yellow Joe


And also...

I haven't posted a portrait picture of my nieces recently. Its been since December, I think. So, I just thought I'd add these in there as well.

I'm one proud Auntie!!

Couldn't get a smile out of Avie tonight. Oh well...she looks like her cousin Jesse in this picture. 

Ella was all smiles!! You can see her 2 bottom teeth...they're coming!!!


Our room mates got new floors in their dining room today!!! It was their Christmas present from our mom & Kelly. There is still work to be done, but it looks incredible. It is the perfect color and texture - great job guys and congrats on the house upgrade! Yay for PERGO!

#35 - Ella sure likes it!



I have this great friend. His name is Nate Manning. Nate is going to serve an LDS mission in Spain. He leaves in less than 3 weeks!?! He is probably one of the funniest people I know. I love Nate.

I've known this kid since he was in grade school and I can't believe he's all grown up! He has shaped up to be a fine young man - witty, smart, charismatic and a very talented musician. (His last concert before the mish is on Feb 19th and I'm sure I'll post a picture about it.)

I've been cutting his hair for a little over a year now and today I gave him his last pre-mission haircut. It was bittersweet. We cut it nice a short so it'll last until he leaves for the MTC and we kept it conservative! I told him I wanted to make him my #34, so I made him an "Elder" badge to represent this occasion.

Congratulations Nate and good luck! I'm excited to write you, send you goodies and hear about all your wonderful experiences & the lives you've changed. I'll miss you dear friend. LOVE YOU!

#34 - my Nate Manning



Well its a good thing its Punxsutawney Phil and not Salt Lake City Phil. If he were in SLC, he would have ran back in his hole after seeing his shadow!!   It was bright and sunny here in SLC, UT on this Groundhogs Day morning. Still cold, for sure, but sunny as ever.

I was surprised by how clear & light it was outside at 8am this morning. I was expecting a dreary day for some reason, but I definitely saw MY shadow.

In the East the groundhog didn't see his shadow, so we'll have an early Spring. .. Well here in the West, Erica did see her shadow and she is praying there isn't 6 more weeks of winter!!!

#33 - My Shadow



Happy February everyone! And boy, here in Salt Lake City, its FREEZING!  And I've heard throughout the country its cold, cold, cold everywhere! I should have been more prepared when it came to my "winter-wear" today. The skies & sun were deceiving. It looked gorgeous outside as I peered through the window.  Clear blue skies, no wind and a bright sun shining! However...walking out the door at 1pm this afternoon, I found myself in 17degree weather. Ugh!

Coming home from work this evening, it was pretty close to 5degrees outside WITH a wind chill. Ouch.

I wanted to take a picture of my car's temperature gage, but as soon as I started driving, it shut itself off. When I go home to let it idle, while I grabbed my camera, it wouldn't turn back on. Weird. However, lucky me, we have a silly old one hanging on our backyard porch. It was left by the previous owner I think, but Joe reminded me that it was hanging. Well... just look at how cold the standing air is at 10pm.

My #32 - Happy FREEZING February! 11degrees!!