I've been sick the past few days..yucky. My stylist at work were cool enough to let me stay home last night and then shorten my shift today by 2 hours so I could rest up and get better. My doctor gave me some cough syrup with codeine in it to take at night. I took 2 tablespoons last night and I was OUT!

I pretty much slept through the night with only a few interruptions. But after Joe left early this morning, I was able to sleep until noon without waking up!!!

I definitely needed a good nights rest. Thank you girls for being cool with me coming in late. I still feel sick, but I'm doing much better. Ah. I hate being sick, but I should be on the mend soon.

#49 - Sleeping late while sick...just bliss!

Excuse the bad picture...I took it with my phone. It was literally the first thing I did when I woke up.

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