I posted a few pictures from my photo shoot earlier today. I've played around in photoshop pretty much all afternoon. Until of course the Superbowl & Glee!! (Yay PACKERS!!! So pumped they won!!...and a little disappointed in Glee. Its been on hiatus for so long...I was hoping for better. Oh well.)

Anyway, I thought I'd post yet another picture of the handsome little boy, I had the privilege of photographing.  He wasn't the most cooperative, but hey, he's only 5. He did have fun playing in the dirt and running around...and that made it worth it.

I've been looking forward to this shoot all week and I woke up SO HAPPY when I saw the weather wasn't snowing, but overcast. Just perfect!!! (Snow was "supposed" to be in the forecast for the entire weekend. But I didn't see any!)  It couldn't have gone better. I just can't wait until I'm asked again. Anyone want photos? I sure had a good time!!!

#37 - my inspiration. Love you little guy. Thanks for smiling...some of the time!

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