Mondays are the day I start my wash for the week. Living in a shared household, my "assigned" laundry days are Mon, Tues & Wed. Its so nice to have a few days to get it ALL done. However, unlike my usual 'Monday-Care-Free-Schedule, I had to work this morning and that threw everything off balance. I needed to get laundry started as soon as I got home from the salon...but I was exhausted and it didn't seem to be atop my priority list. (Playing with the twins and hanging out with my room mates was more important apparently!)

Well the night got away from me and all the sudden, here it is 10pm and I just decided to throw in my first load. To my amusement, I found out my laundry detergent is almost gone! I have just enough for 2...yes 2 loads. I guess its a good thing I put it off because it doesn't look like I would have gotten much done anyways..

#37 - I benefit from my own procrastination. Guess I know whats on the grocery list for tomorrow!

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  1. Well look at that... you even caught the picture while some was falling out! You are amazing!