Everyone has a favorite type of fruit right? Not just the basics, oranges, apple, grapes. I mean more 'specifically.' My favorite apples are Jonagold's. (just found out they are pronounced 'John-a-gold,' but I've always said 'Jonah-gold'...whatever tomato - tamotto) I also like Pink Ladies and Macintosh apples. When it comes to grapes, I prefer black grapes. Costco sells the best ones during the summer. Red/purple are good to...but I'm not a green grape fan.
And now, I'm a fan of Cara Cara oranges. I used to LOVE Clementine's, but I have found something better.

What are Cara Cara oranges?

Cara Cara oranges are a special cultivar of a navel orange which are distinguished by their rosy flesh. Depending on the orange, the color may range from a pinkish to a deep red, much like that of the grapefruit. Unlike grapefruits, however, CaraCara Oranges are very low in acid, with a naturally sweet flavor.
AND THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Who knew I was such a picky FRUIT eater?

Thank you Andee & Kelly for introducing this new treat into my life. (Apparently you can find large ones at Costco...the ones I picked up were quite small. But good nonetheless.)

#41 - my new favorite orange

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  1. They are amazing!! Love them! I can't eat an orange now, I just can't!