My ABSOLUTE favorite drink is Snapple Iced Tea (Raspberry or Peach). I can't get enough of it!! Its my one grocery luxury I allow myself...they are pretty pricey for a bottled drink. (I was extremely lucky on my trip to the grocery store yesterday. The 6 packs were $2 cheaper! I finally caught them on sale and decided to clean them out!)

Anyway, my love for Snapple is noticeable all over my house. Especially during the week, when I stink at cleaning. I end up finding empty or half drank bottles EVERYWHERE! My night stand, the dresser, kitchen counter, coffee table, car cup holder, bathroom shelf, buffet table...pretty much anywhere.

Tonight as I opened my first of the night, I read the "Real Fact" under the lid. (All Snapples have a silly, unknown facts underneath each lid.) Most of the time I forget to read them, but tonight I needed words of wisdom. Mine was quite interesting, so I got up and decided to find any empty bottles and collect their lids; in hopes of gaining the insight I needed. However, I cleaned up just a few days ago and I was only able to find 2 empty bottles. Lucky, Joe was drinking his 2nd of the day, so i collected 5 lids. Of course none of the facts were words I desperately needed to read...but still 'facts' I didn't already know!

My #53 - Real Facts thanks to Snapple.

Did you know?

#683 - Snails have teeth
#742 - Over half of the world's geysers are found in Yellowstone National Park
#775 - Bees are born fully grown
#837 - The most widely-eaten fruit in America is the banana
#867 - Franklin Roosevelt was related to 5 U.S. Presidents by blood and 6 by marriage

A little 'unnecessary' education never hurt anyone!

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