Back story: Our friend Daniel sold us his 1971 Chevy Nova about 4 years ago. Its was a "project" car for sure and Joe spent many weekend hours, restless nights and quite a bit of money trying to fix it up. We bought it after it had been sitting outside, uncovered for over 5 years and it had been in an accident and needed work. Needless to say, I thought it was a lemon to begin with...but what do I know about muscle cars?

After a few years of  "supe-ing" it up, Joe decided it was too much work and it was time to sell it. Once Dan heard Joe wanted to sell it, he couldn't bare to see it go to someone else, so Dan offered to buy it back. Dan bought it to keep for his son to have once he was 16...but I guess his son did something that made Dan change his mind on holding it for him. Dan's dad offered to buy it to hold for his other son that was serving an LDS mission, however, once the missionary heard about it, he said he didn't want it when he came home. Dan's dad put it back on the market and asked for Dan to keep it at his house until it sold.  Haha...its just hilarious how the Nova gets passed around back and forth. I'm surprised Joe didn't want to buy it back. (I'm sure my discontent was 1 of the reasons)

Joe and Dan get together and share stories of the Nova, daydream about fixing it up and all the power it 'could' have. Its like a little treasure they both have a soft spot for. They just can't seem to say goodbye to that car, They'd rather pass it around to friends or family so they'll be able to see it again. Plus, they will be able to see first hand how its being treated and fixed up.

Well low and behold a few months go buy with it just sitting in Dan's driveway and my step-brother Carl expresses some interest. After weeks of phone calls, test drives and mechanic bids, Carl decided to purchase the precious Nova. Of course both Dan & Joe were happy he wanted it, because again, its stays in the family.

Anyway, enough back story. Carl came to pick it up tonight, so I had to take a few last pictures before it drove away. We were joking that in a year or so, Carl is going to put it up for sale and both Joe & Dan will fight to buy it back. Haha...if that thing ends up in my driveway ever again...I might have to punch something.

#59 - the infamous NOVA. I'm pretty sure it will be ours again some day.

My picture today SHOULD have been the sad faces on both Dan & Joe as the Nova drove away. They both had their hands in their pockets with their heads down. Looked like 2 little boys!!

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