I'm losing a stylist.

Seriously I'm broken hearted. I have been so blessed with such a wonderful team and losing a member is painful. Everyone gets along, everyone bends over backwards for each other - it just works. Now I'm losing one and I have to train another. Ugh. Worst part of my job. Plus this stylist used to be MY manager. I took over for her when she quit and then she called me a year or so later looking for a stylist job. I hired her in a heartbeat. Who wouldn't re-hire a stylist with management qualities? Hello, perfect package!!! And now she's leaving me. Oh well, she's left the company and come back about 6 times now in a span of over 10 years. Its a possibility she might be back!! ;)  I just hope I'm the first one she calls!

#60 - The simple gesture of appreciative expression. It took her moments to write, but it was priceless to me. I'll miss you Em!

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  1. It is amazing how only 2 words can actually mean so many more to people. I believe that "Thank You" could possibly be the most unappreciated and unused phrase/words in communication. It has almost become a vein repetition, because it is used without the full meaning. Love the Photo Challenge, and love all your posts. Thank you Erica! Love you.