I watched my nieces for a little bit this morning. (It was a little early on my day off, but they are hard to say 'no' too.) They were full of smiles and were crawling all over the place, fighting for my attention. While I was playing with Ella, Avie got hurt somehow. They've been bonking, crawling and smacking into things a lot lately and whatever Avie hit, got her good. She got a sore under her eye and it bled a bit. I felt AWFUL! They were in my care, maybe an hour and one got hurt bad enough to bleed!!! She shook it off though and was all smiles as soon as I comforted her.

Their morning power nap came up and I got to rock them both to sleep. Here's my #87 - Both napping, sucking their thumbs and chillin' in their fleece 'footie' pajamas. 


  1. Thank you so much for watching them this morning! I really appreciate it!! No worries about Avie. It's first of MANY bumps and bruises.. and with two babies, you can NEVER watch them 100%. Besides, scars add character and teach them a lesson! Thanks again for your help today and all you do for my girls!!

  2. This is the sweetest picture ever Erica!! They are the cutest!!