#74 - Heat wave

I wish I could say this was the temperature outside, but...I can't. This was the temperature in my salon today. Okay, well towards the ceiling anyway. 80 degrees!!!

We've been having problems with our heating/air conditioning lately. Its an automated system, so we have no actual control over it. We just have this little outlet on the wall that randomly takes the temperature of the surrounding area and the adjusts accordingly. Well, something must be wrong because its super hot in there and when all the stylists are working, running around, busy days and all blow dryers on...we get a little sweaty. Its gross.

I talked to my supervisory today and she said she will call someone in to take a look at our system. But in the mean time she wanted me to buy a thermometer to get an accurate reading of the standing temperature. Of course AS SOON AS I bought the thermometer, the temperature seemed to cool down. However, after cleaning the top retail shelf and knowing the fact that heat rises, I noticed the extreme temperature up above. So I taped the thermometer to a wall in there center of the salon and about 10 minutes later, I got the reading of 80 degrees. DANG! Too bad that isn't outside...I'd LOVE that result!

Let's hope we get that fixed...and fast.

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