#66 - updated

Alright, my internet is working and I've calmed down. Luckily it was late last night, so I'm not sure many of my readers even saw the post [I'm now deleting]. Anyway if you missed it, I'll get you up to speed. Our internet was down for over 8 hours yesterday and I was unable to post my #66 picture on my 66th day! Ugh that was aggravating! First time in over 2 months that I was unable to post!!!!!!!!!

However I am now able to log-on and upload my picture - finally. That is why I've decided to just "edit" this post I posted last night - I want to keep the entry date as still 3/7/11...so 8 months from now when I look back at my chronological entry dates, I will be non-the-wiser! (Sorry a little OCD here.)

ANYWAY! Last night we saw "Tale of Two Cities" at Hale Center Theatre and it was amazing. The actors were really good and a few had some incredible voices. There was A LOT of singing, but their voices were so amazing, I didn't mind. I don't know if you have read or seen this story before...but if so, you'll understand why I just BAWLED through the entire 2nd act. It was a tragic love story and it still makes me sad just thinking about it.

#66 - Proof I witnessed the story of love, loss and the ultimate sacrifice.

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