Again, a back story. We {Joe, myself, my sister Andee & her husband Kelly} purchased our home from a wonderful family. It was previously owned by an older couple, Roland and Nelda Jensen. Unfortunately Roland passed away a few years back and Nelda was living in this home alone. Once Nelda's health started to decline, her daughther Judy set her up in a senior home and put this house up for sale. Our group snagged it up AS SOON AS WE COULD and dubbed the house "Villa de Nelda!" (We did hear just over a year ago that Nelda had also passed away.) Once we moved in, we discovered all the wonderful "leave behinds" left over from Roland & Nelda's life together. Some furniture was leftover, the wallpaper was fascinating and the architecture of the downstairs kitchen & bathroom was curious. We have all embraced the wallpaper though! Both Andee and I upgraded one room immediately after moving in (her kitchen and my family room) but a few other rooms have stayed the same. As you've seen, my kitchen is the same...for the time being anyway. Andee's bathroom has been inspired by her wallpaper. She bought linens and decor to accompany the retro look. You can see a bit of it in the background of my #5 picture. Plus mine and Joe's bedroom still has the old school wallpaper as well!

However, my favorite "leave behind" was a hand scripted message hidden away in the closet under the stairs. I can't remember the first time I noticed it or do I know how long it has been there, but I have made sure it stayed intact and in place....Unfortunately with our current kitchen upgrade, this token of history would have been ruined if I hadn't saved it. Just seeing it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. It's written with sheet rock chalk, so it can be ruined with carelessness. I actually think I want to frame it and either hang it up in my house or send it to Judy (Nelda's daughter) Its a great way to remember the wonderful couple that shared this home for so many years. Yes it is legally owned by the 4 of us now, but I still feel Roland & Nelda's spirits here. How can I not, when every corner I turn, I see a symbol of their life together.

So here is my warm & fuzzy #71. He loved her - whether he wrote it or not. THIS is my favorite "leave behind."

"Roland heart Nelda" - etched on the sheet rock in our closet. 
Now its been cut out in a perfect square for me to display.

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